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NGS Reports Erroneous Part B Claims Rejection

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  • October 29, 2010
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National Government Services (NGS) has identified an issue with their daily National Provider Identifier (NPI) crosswalk file. The issue may have potentially caused claims to reject in error. It began on or around Oct. 12, and impacts all Part B providers in Connecticut, New York, Indiana, and Kentucky.

According to NGS, the problem has been corrected; and not all claims would have rejected during this timeframe. However, if claims submitted by your practice on or around Oct. 12 – 25 were incorrectly rejected as a result of this issue, you will need to resubmit them. NGS says they are attempting to identify the rejected claims and will track the issue through next week to make sure it is completely resolved.
Incorrectly rejected claims can be identified via the following messages:

  • N290: Missing/incomplete/invalid rendering provider primary identifier
  • N257: Missing/incomplete/invalid billing provider/supplier primary identifier
  • N433: Resubmit this claim using only your National Provider Identifier (NPI)

Source: National Government Services

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