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Three-Day Payment Rule Affects Inpatient and Outpatient Coders

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  • November 3, 2010
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The new three-day payment rule may be part of the 2011 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) final rule but outpatient coders are not immune. The new rule requires inpatient and outpatient coders to work together to avoid improper claims payment.
Michelle A. Leppert, CPC-A, senior managing editor for justcoding.com talks with Jennifer Hume, CPC, CPMA, CEMC, vice president of auditing and compliance at AAPC Physician Services, and Mary Phelps, RHIA, CCS, CIRCC, CTR, CCDS, manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, about the implications the three-day payment window has on outpatient coding.
Know potential outpatient implications of the three-day payment rule” is a free article posted Nov. 3 on justcoding.com.

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  1. Bonnie Pecka says:

    I have a real problem with being required to subscribe and log-on in order to read a “free” article.

  2. Jean Traceski says:

    I have an issue with being required to subscribe and log-on in order to read a “free” article that we are being tested on.

  3. Sheila Lauber says:

    It is not right to have to subcribe or log-on to read a “free”article in order to answer a test question. This reader will not do it.

  4. Linda Poremba says:

    I totally agree with Sheila Lauber. The AAPC keeps making it harder and harder to do my quizzes. Now, because my Coding Edge quizzes aren’t in the magazine any more, I have to copy all the questions on paper, then look for my answers, then go back and submit my answers. It takes me a lot longer now.

  5. Rozan Loveday says:

    I was under the impression that when we paid our dues to the AAPC, and we got the magazines every month, and that we would be tested in order to get our CEU’s. The last couple of months I have noticed that the AAPC has made it harder and harder to pass the tests, and they are also making it harder to find the information needed in order to answer the questions. I totally feel that the questions should be based on the information in the books that we receive in the mail or online through the website. We shouldn’t be required to have to log into a website or subscribe to one in order to read a “free” article in order to answer a quiz question. I think that Sheila Lauber, and Linda Poremba are both correct.

  6. Heather Reed says:

    I have just spent 20 minutes signing up for their “free” newsletter. My justification was that if it was “free” I would have access to information helpful in this field (and I have a spam filter on my email). The login and password assigned to me does not work, and have requested a new password sent to me 3 times now. It is indicating that “my credentials are not recognized.” HHHHHHmmmmmm, I’m not sure what is intended in creating this type of situation to answer a quiz, but I am thinking more and more of dropping my AAPC membership. I don’t know what my dues are actually paying for as it is becoming more and more difficult for me to obtain my CEUs. I don’t have the luxury of my employer-paid continuing education.

  7. Peggy Kulczycki says:

    I totally agree with what has been said regarding this so called “free” article. How can we answer these quiz questions if we cannot read the articles. I just read in the new Coding Edge that we will no longer have the Edge Blast Test yourself Quizzes any longer after January 1st.

  8. Kari Brodie says:

    I agree and think it’s ridiculous too, but ladies look at the answers… you don’t even need to read the article to realize which one of them is so far fetched that it’s incorrect and obviously the right answer.

  9. renee says:

    My apologies, members. This was unintentional. As the editor, I am registered on so many websites that automatically recognize my computer (without requiring me to log in) that I forget not everyone has the same access. For other reasons, EdgeBlast quizzes are being discontinued January 2011. Members will continue to be able to earn free CEUs by passing Coding Edge quizzes, and I can assure you, the answers will be soley in the content of the magazine.

  10. Sandy S says:

    I agree with alot of the above statements, however, CEU’s are very costly any way you obtain them. Just check the prices of seminars, conferences, and on line CEU’s from other companies.
    To make things easier on the test yourself, log on, bring up the articles/page to read and minimize it, then bring up the test yourself page, read the test ?, then go back and forth from test site to article site. I do this all the time, it is easy.
    If you have any prob, AAPC staff had alwasy been very helpful to me in the many years I have been a member, just call 1800626code.
    Your local chapters hold monthly meetings with should offer free CEU’s. Medicare is also loaded with free CEU’s. Go to Medlearnmatters and check it out. Happy Coder Holidays!

  11. sangita says:

    Lori thank you for the go-ogled website, this really saved my time. I tried to subscribe to the site but it seems like some kind of trick to me. Hey Sandy thank you for the information about free online CEU’s information. I went to Medlearnmatters, it is really cool, and lot of articles and reading material about medicare and coding.
    Happy Holidays!

  12. Mindy Billings says:

    I think it is totally wrong to have to subscribe to get the answer to test question. Kind of makes you wonder……….I’m hoping this does not become a habit with the AAPC.

  13. Nancy Standrowicz says:

    I am in agreement with everyone on this list. It is unfair to subscribe just to get an answer to a test question in Edgeblast #160 November issue.

  14. Ronda Dilley says:

    Why am I being made to sign up for and log-in to something to read a free article? And why in the world am I being tested on it? I have a real problem with this one.

  15. Keri Hicks says:

    Yeah, then the rationales don’t even help clairify the answer so have to go back and review all the websites again!!! I don’t understand taking the Edge Blast out and raising the number of questions on the Coding Edge and leaving it one CEU credit either!!!

  16. Lorraine says:

    AAPC needs to give CEU credits for people working full time in a coding related job. Work experience is more proof of competency in any field that taking a test by finding the answers in a magazine. AAPC is simply proving that you read their magazines or attend their extremely expensive conferences. This is not proof of true competency.

  17. Patricia Sullivan says:

    I agree with the above. I hate to see the Edge Blast discontinued. We need to be able to get our CEUS for little or no cost. The industry is being squeezed financially and we cannot afford to pay $100 or more for a CEU. Work credit would be a great option. The proof of our competentcy is not the $$ we spend going to seminars, but the work that we do and the difference that we make in keeping our medical practices compliant.

  18. Trudy Weldy says:

    I agree with the above. I hate to see the Edge Blast discontinued. We need to be able to get our CEUS for little or no cost. The industry is being squeezed financially and we cannot afford to pay $100 or more for a CEU. The proof of our competency is not the $$ we spend going to seminars, but the work that we do and the difference that we make in keeping our medical practices compliant. I am thinking about letting my membership go. I really think this is all just a money making scam for the AAPC. That is a shame because I did a lot of work to get into this occupation.

  19. Maria says:

    Why Rock the Boat, right? I hope that EdgeBlast won’t be discontinued. If the questions are to be bumped to 10 (instead of 5), then also bump the credit to 1 (from the current .5). Also limit the answers to the questions to the articles it references within EdgeBlast. I agree that having to jump to other websites for answers is time consuming and totally unnecessary. If AAPC wants to discontinue EdgeBlast, then let’s solely rely on Coding Edge for CEU hours, add more articles to compensate and keep it free. Then, for those that rather read less, there are conventions, seminars and other venues that will let you earn more CEU’s at one time for $.

  20. Patrecia Glas says:

    I am very disappointed with the AAPC. They made all this noise about all these free CEUs, now they are making it 10 times harder to obtain or taking the CEUs away. Now with Coding Edge, if you don’t pass the test after 3 tries, the test deletes and you’re screwed. What happened with the learning process. I depend on the free CEUs. I don’t have $100 a crack to spend on your Webinars and getting to a chapter meeting can be hampered by weather conditions if you live where it snows. It would be nice too if you gave free CEUs for the Billinginsider and ICD-10 newsletter. Especially the ICD-10 newsletter.

  21. Vince Delucci says:

    This is wrong. I agree with everything that was previously stated. SHAME ON AAPC.

  22. kanchan Kulkarni says:

    Dear AAPC, I would like to know the reason for not getting half a CEU through edgeblast. I totaly support all of the above comments. Why are you making your hard working members suffer? Is AAPC getting kickbacks from it’s vendors.. Looks like it.

  23. Gulshan says:

    I agree with everything that was previously stated . I am a mother who work 7 days a week and its becoming very hard to keep up with all the problems in getting my credits. Just paying $120.00 for membership is getting difficult. I am paying for my kids never ending SAT’s and college fees. SHAME ON AAPC.

  24. Tammy says:

    I agree with everyone above. I have to travel long distances to get to any chapter meetings for credits. This is very costly with gas prices the way they are. It costs me up to $60 in gas just for a 1.5 or 2 credit chapter meeting. The AAPC is taking away opportunities for free credits by taking away the Edge Blast. For the Coding Edge, not only have they lengthened the tests but now we send more time on line checking other web sites, yet they have not given us more CEU’s for this additional work.
    I did contact the AAPC with these concerns and was told they felt the information “was too fleeting to be considered continuing education”! Imagine that.

  25. Tammy says:

    OMG I fell for this!!! Friends, look at the question closely! The key words being ‘which would NOT help’ Then read all four answers especially D, you can not convert CPT codes to IDC-9 codes! You don’t even have to read the article. I also did not read the question correctly and tried all three of A, B, C before being locked out and realizing I read it incorrectly!!!!

  26. Nancy says:

    I agree that AApc is trying to make it harder and more expensive to get your CEU’s. Doubling the questions and keeping the points the same is not right and then no more Edgeblast tests. I am paying for this on my own too. Purchasing CEU’s is getting very expensive too. Plus the membership. Does AAPC want to lose their members?? I am seriously thinking about not renewing after 2011.

  27. Tammy says:

    I agree with everything everyone said above. I have been at a cross roads with being a CPC as I have only been able to get one year experience as a coder in the small city I live in. i have been doing billing the last two years, and I recently found another coding job which took me six months with the economy and did not require the 3-5 years experience to apply which was bumped up from the 2-3- years experience to apply for a coding position. I also believe that the AAPC needs to bump up the CEUs for more questions asked on both Edge Blast and Coding Edge and need to keep the tests to help us obtain our CEUs, especially now that its required to obtain 36 CEUs in a two year period, if you are not in a specialized CPC position, and if your employer is not able to pay for everything from your annual membership, to any nearby conferences to obtain the needed CEUs. As every coder knows, their jobs are very stressful and time consuming with most working overtime. If there is a nearby chapter in their area they may not have the time to attend it. The questions asked in these publications also need to have the answers in them, not layer upon layer of websites to find the correct answer. AAPC, PLEASE BRING THESE PUBLICATION TESTS BACK WITH APPROPRIATE CEUS TO BE EARNED DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF QUESTIONS!

  28. JrBt says:


  29. Linda Bueker says:

    I am unemployed and you think this is easy. Please keep EdgeBlast. I will have to eliminate something.

  30. Joanne Volponi says:

    I agree, this is ridiculous! The ‘free magazine’ would not ever accept my subscription.

  31. Rita G. says:

    I in complete agreement with the above statements from my fellow coders. It is extremely hard to earn CEUs when you work for a small clinic or medical facility. I am the only coder for the clinic I work for and even then, any CEUs that I have to earn to submit for my re-certification is getting harder to do. The doctor here won’t and can’t afford to send me to any of the conferences, seminars, or bootcamps, especially with the ICD-10 change coming, I am struggling to figure out how I am going to make it happen.

  32. Louise C. says:

    I, too, agree with everything said. I am an independent contractor so I pay ALL my expenses to retain my certification, including all coding books. I, too, am seriously considering not renewing my membership and maintaining my certification. I took classes at night at technical college in preparation for the exam (for over a year) and even purchased the AAPC’s test prep course. I’m very proud of my certification. However, with the economy like it is, I simply can’t afford to attend the meetings nor pay for expensive CEUs. Deleting the tests from the magazine made it much more time-consuming because of the need to cut, paste, and print from the website. Eliminating the quiz on EdgeBlast is really the last straw. If the organization is suffering financially, raise the dues to offset the cost of low-cost or free CEUs. Thanks for all the input from members.

  33. Joan S says:

    I agree with everything above. This is getting ridiculous. Why is it that the AAPC is becoming increasing incapable of publishing their own quality EdgeBlast articles to mine CEUs from and has to blatantly test on the backs of the works of people and organizations outside of the AAPC. Perhaps if you concentrated on getting back to basics instead of now being an auditing organization (seriously?), the AAPC could do and rely on the quality of its own work. This is becoming increasingly annoying and I refuse to give my email address, which I guard religiously, to another organization at your behest.

  34. Laxmikant Dhotre says:

    Hi Friends,
    I agree to the issue raised about requiring to log on or subscribe to read a “Free” article. I wish to share the good news that the answer to the question is option D, I got it right by chance.
    Hope it helps for now, only to answer the question and clear the test.

  35. Robin Albright says:

    When I get my monthly magazine I go to the heading at the top of the page that states Coding Education. Next go to the Coding Edge Magazine and click on Test Yourself. This will bring up the monthly exam with the question and their associated blank answers. Then as I read the magazine, I look over the printed test to see if there are any questions pertaining to the article I read and if there is, I answer it and go onto the next one. This has made thinks much easier since you can read and test at the same time. Hope this helps.