Docs Asked to Report Safety Issues to EHRevent

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  • November 29, 2010
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Health care providers have a new vehicle to use for reporting adverse events related to electronic health record (EHR) implementation and use. EHRevent is a new safety event reporting system, recently launched by iHealth Alliance, and designed to improve EHR and patient safety and help reduce professional liability.
EHRevent establishes a national system where physicians and other health care providers can report issues using a standardized online form, which can be accessed at and other websites of participating liability carriers, medical societies, PDR Network, and other partners, including EHR system vendors.
“Electronic health records are being adopted at record rates and present an opportunity to advance patient care,” said Nancy Dickey, M.D., iHealth Alliance chair and former president of the American Medical Association (AMA). “As with any new system, there is a learning curve for the software providers and for the doctors who use these systems. EHRevent will help us all get smarter about EHRs and assure that patient care advances are also patient-safe advances.”
According to iHealth Alliance, the EHR Safety Event Report Form takes less than 5 minutes to complete. There are fewer than 10 required questions, most of which are check boxes. Optionally, you can provide additional information that may be of value.
Confidential data collected by EHR event also will be used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help evaluate any safety issues that my arise during the widespread implementation of EHR technology.
In regards to the launch of, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology David Blumenthal, M.D. said, “This is an opportunity to discern patterns and learn lessons.” (Healthcare IT News)

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