Update 2011 CPT Codebooks with Corrections

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  • December 10, 2010
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The American Medical Association (AMA) has released the first errata for the 2011 CPT codebooks.  The AMA has compiled a number of changes in a corrections document, dated Nov. 8, which is posted on the AMA website.
In this document, you will find changes in the Evaluation and Management (E/M) section, specifically to Prolonged Services codes.
The parenthetical note for add-on code 99356 Prolonged physician service in the inpatient setting, requiring unit/floor time beyond the usual service; first hour (List separately in addition to code for inpatient Evaluation and Management service) splits the 99221-99233 code range to no longer include 99224-99226 as subsequent observation codes. Its parenthetical note now reads “(Use 99356 in conjunction with 99221-99223, 99231-99233, 99251-99255, 99304-99310, 90822, 90829).”
Under Surgery, Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Services/Procedure codes 38205 and 38240 and the parenthetical note following 38230 are corrected to revise the erroneous term “allogenic,” which now reads “allogeneic.”
Also under Surgery, in the Digestive System, Biliary Tract introduction, the parenthetical note, “(For radiological supervision and interpretation, use 75989),” following 47490 Cholecystostomy, percutaneous, complete procedure, including imaging guidance, catheter placement, cholecystogram when performed, and radiological supervision and interpretation, is deleted because it is now a bundled service.

More Parenthetical Note Revisions

There are several other changes to CPT® parenthetical notes. They are:

  • Revise the parenthetical note following Diagnostic Ultrasound code 76513 referencing deleted code 0187T and include 92132.
  • Revise the parenthetical note following Chemistry code 82013 to “gastric acid” not “acid gastric.”
  • Delete the parenthetical note preceding Psychiatry code 90862 that references deleted codes 0160T, 0161T.
  • Delete the parenthetical note following the Neurology and Neuromuscular Procedures guidelines referencing deleted Category III codes 0160T, 0161T. Under the same category in the Medicine section, revise the third parenthetical note following Sleep Testing code 95806 to include the term “a minimum.”

Appendix B Changes

AMA also has made a few changes to Appendix B. Most notably: Medicine code 99365 has been rescinded and is deleted from Appendix B. Also in Appendix B, the reference to deleted Medicine code 91000 should be moved to follow code 90868 rather than 90670; and 93268 is revised to retain the phrase “24-hour attended monitoring” in the code descriptor.

Index Changes

In the index, under Atherectomy, add “or Percutaneous” to the “Open” subheading and delete duplicate references:
Femoral … 37225, 37227
Popliteal … 37225, 37227
Tibioperoneal … 37233, 37235
Under Evaluation and Management, Work-Related and/or Medical Disability:

  • Delete reference code 99450 and replace with 99455.

Under CT Scan/Guidance, Visceral Tissue Ablation:

  • Delete reference code 76362 and replace with 77013.

Under Urethra, Pressure Profile:

  • Delete reference code 51772 and replace with 51727, 51729.

Lastly, the short descriptors for codes 22900, 22901, 74176, 74177, 74178, and 99218 have been revised. See the complete AMA errata “Corrections Document—CPT® 2011” for details.


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