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By Barbara Cobuzzi
Jan 16th, 2018
I often call Modifier 59 the prednisone of modifiers. That is because it is very powerful and can do a lot for you, like prednisone is for the patient. But at the same time, it is a two-edged sword, the modifier 59 is exceptionally dangerous when used...
By Barbara Cobuzzi
In Billing
Jan 10th, 2018
2018 brings us new functional endoscopic sinus surgery codes (FESS) which bundle a total ethmoidectomy with both a frontal sinusotomy and a sphenoidotomy with and without removal of tissue.  2018 CPT® also provides a new bundled code for a frontal and...
By Barbara Cobuzzi
Jan 9th, 2018
AAPC’s Knowledge Center welcomes Barbara Cobuzzi as a regular contributor.  Nasal Sinus Endoscopy According to the American Rhinologic Society, several nasal sinus endoscopy services were identified as potentially misvalued because billing patt...
By Barbara Cobuzzi
Jan 2nd, 2018
Here’s the clarity you need to use new procedure codes, modifiers, and bundling rules correctly. CPT® 2018 introduces important changes for nasal/sinus endoscopy coding, including several new codes that bundle endoscopic procedures often performed tog...
By Barbara Cobuzzi
In Coding
Nov 28th, 2017
Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) combines a bronchoscope with ultrasound to visualize the bronchi and adjacent structures, and to obtain tissue for biopsy. Sampling by EBUS differs from transbronchial lung biopsy(s) (+31632) or transbronchial needle as...