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Author "Colleen Gianatasio"

By Colleen Gianatasio
In Billing
Jun 1st, 2021
Comments Off on Be Part of a Positive Change in Healthcare
Account for social determinants of health in your patients to ensure quality care. The specificity of the ICD-10-CM code set enables us to paint a clearer clinical picture of our patient’s health status. Our healthcare systems have always kept a clos...
By Colleen Gianatasio
Oct 1st, 2020
Comments Off on Outpatient CDI: Next Step in Your Career Journey?
Opportunity is knocking for medical coders who want to transition into a new role. What is CDI? Clinical documentation improvement, or clinical documentation integrity, in the outpatient setting is quite a hot topic today! While CDI has existed in t...
By Colleen Gianatasio
Oct 9th, 2019
Comments Off on Short on Experience? Soft Skills May Get You the Job
Hiring managers consider more than just education and credentials. While browsing social media and attending local and national coding conferences, I frequently note aspiring coders expressing frustration in getting their first break into medical cod...
By Colleen Gianatasio
Mar 5th, 2019
Comments Off on How Value-based Care Can Improve Everyone’s Outcome
Achieve better clinical outcomes, higher rankings, accurate reimbursement, and improved patient health. If you work for a healthcare provider organization, you’ve probably heard of value-based care — perhaps, your organization is already in a value-ba...
By Colleen Gianatasio
Mar 1st, 2018
Comments Off on Documenting Opioid Dependence and Abuse
New metrics and quality measures call for improved documentation to track this growing problem. Opioid dependence and overdose are at crisis levels. Healthcare professionals have a front row seat to this epidemic, and we have a responsibility to know ...