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By Chandra Stephenson
Feb 2nd, 2018
Comments Off on Make Your Chapter’s Mentorship Program a Hit
If your chapter struggles with implementing a mentorship program, give it appeal and make it a success. Over the years, I’ve watched chapters (including my own) struggle to launch a successful mentorship program. The last time my chapter attempted to ...
By Chandra Stephenson
Oct 1st, 2017
Comments Off on HCCs Point to Risk Adjustment Compliance
Understand the factors that contribute to health plan payment determination. Risk adjustment is a process by which health plans factor in expenditures associated with their enrollees’ (beneficiary/patient) individual health status. Most health plans ...
By Chandra Stephenson
Jul 19th, 2017
Comments Off on Getting Plugged In
Do you ever feel like you are working in a void with no one to go to when you have a coding (or billing, compliance, etc.) question? I travel a lot, for work, and almost as much for fun, and the number of people I’ve met in the healthcare community w...
By Chandra Stephenson
Jul 1st, 2017
Comments Off on Global Periods: Let’s Make the Lingo Universal
When you can speak the language, correct reimbursement comes naturally. As healthcare business professionals, we’re expected to know the meaning of an infinite number of terms. It’s inevitable for some terms to be misinterpreted. For example, the term...
By Chandra Stephenson
May 1st, 2017
Comments Off on Wear Your Detective Hat for Postpancreatectomy Diabetes Mellitus
Following guidelines and asking questions are key to solving the T3cDM coding mystery. One guideline in ICD-10-CM consistently overlooked is I.C.4.a.6.b.i., which is specific to secondary diabetes mellitus due to a pancreatectomy. I.C.4.a.6.b.i. Secon...