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By Judy Wilson
Sep 4th, 2018
To better understand the three types of anesthesia rewire your thinking with this telephone analogy. Have your every wondered how anesthesia works? I have. But then a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) explained it to me so clearly that I f...
By Judy Wilson
In Billing
Nov 2nd, 2017
The number one reason—by far—for denied claims is failure to verify insurance. Common denials associated with not verifying insurance information include: Subscriber not eligible on date of service Services not covered or maximum benefits have been m...
By Judy Wilson
Nov 1st, 2017
When local chapter members fall on hard times, help is available through Project AAPC and the AAPC Chapter Association (AAPCCA) Hardship Scholarship. Members Helping Members in Two Big Ways Established in 2010, Project AAPC was developed by former ...
By Judy Wilson
Jul 1st, 2017
Five tips to move you ahead of other job applicants. You created the perfect cover letter and resume, and submitted it with a job application for that coding, billing, or practice management position you really want. And now, your golden opportunity ...
By Judy Wilson
Sep 8th, 2016
No matter what your title is, whether it be a medical practice manager, office manager, physician practice manager, administrator practice administrator, or business administrator, you will be responsible for or will oversee others who are responsib...