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By Kimberly Huey
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Aug 9th, 2018
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Answer six questions to provide a concise audit that is purposeful, corrective, and educational. You’ve reviewed the records and analyzed the results. Now, it’s time to prepare for what may be the most challenging aspect of the audit process: present...
By Kimberly Huey
Oct 1st, 2016
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Knowing the various entities reviewing your medical records for accuracy is half the battle. Any entity that is expected to pay your claims has the right to review the documentation that (hopefully) supports the services being billed. To prepare for t...
By Kimberly Huey
Aug 1st, 2016
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Keep Calm: Your response and knowledge can be key to the outcome of an audit. If a letter were to arrive at your organization in an innocuous-appearing envelope, you may be afraid to open it. It’s unsettling for a payer to request medical records for ...