Author "Michelle Dick"

By Michelle Dick
Jan 16th, 2020
Millennials are everywhere in the news: They are attracting marketers, entering the workforce, and shaping our trends. Now that these young adult consumers are exceeding the baby boomer population, it’s remolding healthcare delivery and access  ̶  and...
By Michelle Dick
In Billing
Dec 27th, 2019
Patients are taking a more active role in their blood pressure (BP) monitoring, making it easier for physicians to diagnose and manage hypertension. “With the advance of new technologies for e-visits and health monitoring, many patients are realizing ...
By Michelle Dick
Dec 11th, 2019
If you have earned an AAPC credential, you’ll want to keep that hard-earned certification in good standing. You do that by meeting continuing education units (CEU) requirements. Here are 10 things that make fulfilling CEU requirements easier and more ...
By Michelle Dick
Oct 31st, 2019
Members reveal their strategies to maximize medical coding exam efficiency. Most members agree that the biggest challenge they face when taking an AAPC certification exam is time management. Although you have five hours and 40 minutes to take the exam...
By Michelle Dick
Oct 8th, 2019
Let it be the catalyst that gets you to the next step in your career. AAPC aims to make HEALTHCON at Walt Disney World, April 5-8, 2020, the most fun and best yet, while making attendees more successful in their medical coding careers. This year is s...