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By Maryann Palmeter
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Jun 3rd, 2016
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With today’s busy healthcare environment, the absence of even one provider can have a negative impact on a practice’s ability to provide timely access and quality care to its patients. As a result, some practices seek mechanisms to fill in this gap w...
By Maryann Palmeter
May 13th, 2016
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Exit interviews are scheduled interviews conducted with departing employees. Human resource departments have been performing these interviews for years to gauge what the company is doing well, to ensure company assets are accounted for, and to identif...
By Maryann Palmeter
Dec 1st, 2015
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Clarify the rules, and understand documentation requirements and limitations when reporting services. The final rule for teaching physician presence and documentation requirements under Medicare Part B has been in effect since July 1, 1996. Over the y...
By Maryann Palmeter
Aug 1st, 2015
Besides having patients’ lives in their hands, clinicians must observe loads of rules and requirements. When it comes to directing the care of services performed by clinical staff (e.g., qualified healthcare professionals, ancillary staff, technicians...
By Maryann Palmeter
Apr 10th, 2015
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By Maryann C. Palmeter, CPC, CENTC We are drilling down on the seven key elements of an effective compliance plan. This month, we are delving into training and education. Last month I posted some questions to ponder regarding training and education, ...