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May 28th, 2020
May is National Osteoporosis Month — a time when communities across the United States rally to raise awareness of osteoporosis and the importance of prevention and early detection in combating this common disease. Collaboration to spread the word is ...
By Stacy Chaplain
Apr 30th, 2020
Is your facility ready to reopen its doors to the general public? Phase 1 guidance, released last week by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), provides recommendations for reopening facilities providing non-emergent, non-COVID-19 ...
By Stacy Chaplain
Apr 7th, 2020
A whirlwind of excitement, networking, and education, all from a safe distance. AAPC has been working hard to convert its national conference to a virtual platform, enabling attendees to experience everything HEALTHCON has to offer, all from the comfo...
By Stacy Chaplain
Feb 3rd, 2020
Part 3: Scour the documentation for three key details to correctly code for wound repair. Accurately coding dermatological procedures can be tricky. It is imperative that medical coders understand the anatomy of the skin and can extract specific infor...
By Stacy Chaplain
Jan 6th, 2020
Part 2: Consider skin lesion type, location, and excised diameter. Consideration of several factors, such as the type of removal, lesion size and location, pathologic results, intent, etc., are key to accurately coding dermatological lesion removal pr...