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Author "Tamara Thivierge"

By Tamara Thivierge
In Coding
Mar 1st, 2022
Know what it takes to abstract pertinent data from the medical record. Medical coders are trained to convert patients’ clinical data using a process called abstraction. This involves reading medical record documentation and searching for clinical conc...
By Tamara Thivierge
In Billing
Mar 1st, 2020
Comments Off on Coding at the Inpatient Rehab Facility: It’s Complicated
Ensure quality data and proper reimbursement at the inpatient rehab facility (IRF)...
By Tamara Thivierge
Feb 28th, 2019
Comments Off on Top 10 Pet Peeves of a Medical Coder
Pet peeves are minor annoyances that cause major irritation. Here’s my top 10 list of a coder’s pet peeves. Unclear or illegible clinical documentation. Medical coders want to select the correct diagnosis codes, properly linked to treatment procedures...