Jul 10th, 2019
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A whistleblower lawsuit alleges the University of Chicago Medicine shared hundreds of thousands of medical records with Google that retained identifiable information. Chicago-based law firm Edelson PC filed on behalf of a former patient and claiming this is a direct violation of HIPAA given the data-mining tech giant has access to a plethora of public and nonpublic information that ...
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May 23rd, 2019
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By Rebecca Caux-Harry, BFA, CPC One of the many benefits of working for a nation-wide company, such as 3M Health Information Systems, is visibility into payer actions from coast to coast. Many customers send us comments about payer actions and ask if we can help with some of the issues. This is an extremely valuable ...
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May 14th, 2019
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If you want to smooth reimbursement claims for durable medical equipment, CGS offers 28 documentation checklists that identify what must be included. Recently updated, these checklists include the following items and services: Enteral nutrition Glucose monitors and supplies Hospital beds and accessories Immunosuppressive drugs Large volume nebulizers and inhalation drugs Lower limb prostheses Manua...
Apr 29th, 2019
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Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc, opened 2019 HEALTHCON at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, April 29, with a deep dive into how social determinants affect the business of healthcare. Claiming one of her best memories was sitting on the medical records committee of the hospital decades ago, she admitted the assignment problem helped her pursue her ...
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Apr 18th, 2019
Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) are covered by Medicare annually, but they are often confused with other types of examinations, so the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published an MLN booklet to help medical coders and their providers keep them all straight. Annual Wellness Visit Components AWVs are only provided annually. The AWV ...