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Feb 1st, 2013
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Tips and tricks for proper drug administration coding. by Amy Lee Smith, MBA, CPC, CPC-H, CPMA, CIA, CRMA If the profuse number of Office of Inspector General (OIG) audits showing improper payments for drug claims submitted to Medicare every year is any indication, it’s safe to say that drug administration coding can get sticky. Proper ...
Oct 1st, 2012
Surgical modifiers are crucial to telling the story of a claim by identifying procedures that have been altered, without changing the core meaning of the code(s) submitted. Let’s focus on proper application and instructive resources for three surgical modifiers: modifier 50, modifier 51, and modifier 59. Modifier 50 Modifier 50 Bilateral procedure describes procedures/services that ...
Sep 1st, 2012
The modifier is critical to telling the story of your medical coding claim. Just as words with similar definitions convey distinct meanings (“plan” versus “scheme,” for instance), so do modifiers with similar descriptors. We’ll discuss three that require precise application: modifiers 58, 78, and 79. Modifier 58 Modifier 58 Staged or related procedure or service by ...