AAPC - Advancing the Business of Healthcare

Set employees up for success with AAPC’s curriculum.

Give your employees a competitive advantage in the U.S. job market.

Ensure your coding team’s success with AAPC’s gold-standard training. 

AAPC, the world’s leading healthcare association, boasts 240,000+ members across 39 countries. We help organizations all across the world train and support medical coders and billers to meet industry standards. We provide the tools, professional development opportunities, and certifications to ensure a well-trained workforce.


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By partnering with us, healthcare businesses can:

  • Validate the knowledge, skills, and expertise of their employees. 

  • Ensure their staff are certified and qualified to work for U.S. companies. 

  • Establish standards and requirements that ensure professionals meet qualifications. 

  • Minimize the occurrence of fraud, waste, and abuse. 

  • Experience savings through enhanced coding accuracy and improved job performance. 

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