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Average annual salary

First things first, how much does a medical coder make?

The average annual salary for a medical coding or billing professional is $60,917 with an annual growth rate of 9%, according to our 2023 Medical Coding and Billing Salary Report.

2023 July SalarySurvey LP v01-High-Quality
2023 July SalarySurvey LP v01-High-Quality (1)
The more credentials, the more you earn

Maximize your money

As exciting as a stable career and healthy salary are, what makes medical coding even more intriguing is the income potential. It’s this simple: the more credentials you earn, the more money you make. For example, holders of two AAPC credentials earned a median salary of $66,198 in 2022, while those with three or more AAPC credentials earned a median salary of $71,361.

Next steps for your career

Okay, so, how do I become a medical coder?

We’re super glad you asked, and we’re here to help you plot your course. Check out our most popular training course below to get you started. If you have any questions about what might be the best option for you, just fill out the form above and we will reach out.

2023 July SalarySurvey LP v01-High-Quality (2)