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E/M Whitepaper

E/M guidelines are undergoing enormous change as of January 1, 2021 - and all outpatient and office facilities need to be in full compliance. As the country's leader in healthcare training, we offer customized E/M Guideline training so that you'll be ready for the biggest change in medical coding since 1997.

e/m whitepaper
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  1. E/M Total Visit Time
  2. Understanding MDM- Number/Complexity of Problems
  3. Understanding MDM - Amount and Complexity of Data
  4. Understanding MDM - Risk of Complications, Morbidity, and Mortality
  5. COVID-19 Coding Guide
  6. Listen Up Virtual Conference E/M Changes Series - Sessions Available to Download
  7. Hospital Price Transparency
  8. ASG Facility Whitepaper
  9. risk adjustment podcast trenches
  10. eBrief Value Based Payment
  11. eBrief OIG
  12. eBrief Revenue Cycle Managment Part Three
  13. E/M Procedure Case Study
  14. eBrief Revenue Cycle Managment Part Two
  15. eBrief Revenue Cycle Managment Part One
  16. eBrief E/M Time Based Coding
  17. Webinar with an Expert: gynecology
  18. Webinar with an Expert: hematology
  19. Webinar with an Expert: Pediatrics
  20. Webinar with an Expert: Surgery
  21. Claim denial Calculator
  22. Webinar with an Expert: Primary Care
  23. 2021 eBrief E/M Case Study
  24. risk adjustment podcast
  25. risk adjustment eBrief part 3
  26. risk adjustment eBrief part 2
  27. risk adjustment podcast
  28. CMS-HCC Risk Adjustment Model 2021 Changes
  29. e/m audit tool eBrief
  30. Impact of COVID-19 on Physicians
  31. Coding Superheroes with X-ray Vision eBrief
  32. auditing operative reports podcast
  33. telehealth whitepaper
  34. Ask an Auditor FAQ Podcast
  35. Telehealth Coding Review eBrief
  36. E/M Guidelines Changes
  37. The Pepper and You eBrief
  38. risk adjustment auditing whitepaper
  39. Modifier 25 Webinar
  40. Meet the team eBrief

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