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Proctor-to-Coder Instructions

Please Read Aloud To Examinees

  1. Welcome to the AAPC Certification Coding Exam. My name is [state your name] and this is [state second proctor's name.] We are the proctors for your examination today.
  2. Each of you has been given a copy of the Proctor-To- Coder Instructions along with an exam packet. Your exam packet contains a test grid, marking instructions for grid, gold seals and exam booklet. Please open only your exam packet saving the white adhesive label on the plastic shrink wrap. Set aside the gold seals, and verify you have the correct type of examination booklet for the exam you are taking (CPC®, COC™ (formerly CPC-H®), CPC-P®, CIRCC®, CPMA®, or Specialty) and then set it aside with the gold seals (do not break the silver seals on your exam booklet yet.) Locate the Important Grid Marking Instruction form. Please read carefully, and using a #2 pencil complete form. Once the form is completed it will be collected prior to beginning the exam. If there are any questions regarding how to fill out the grid correctly please inquire now.
  3. Using a #2 pencil, please fill out sections A, B and C of the examination answer grid at this time. For Section B, the Index Number is located on the white adhesive label of your exam packet. Please make sure you are filling in each bubble on your test grid completely, reference the upper right hand corner of the test grid for an example.
  4. Now complete Section D of the test grid. Please refer to the back of the exam booklet for the exam type, version and exam number. For assistance with your member ID# refer to the white adhesive label, which is located on the exam plastic shrink wrap. Please sign your first and last name on the exam booklet underneath the exam type, version and exam number.
  5. The exam length is 5 hours and 40 minutes. Eating or drinking is permitted during the exam, but make sure examination grids remain dry and clean. Breaks are allowed (as needed) during the exam; however the exam clock will not stop when an examinee elects to take a break. Only one examinee may take a break and leave the examination room at a time. Removal of any test material from the exam site is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to remove exam materials will disqualify the examinee for certification and result in automatic failure of the examination.
  6. Because this is a timed test, there is no requirement for the examination to be completed in a particular order. It is recommended that you complete all questions that require more time. AAPC does advise that examinees should not leave any questions unanswered. You will be notified when 30 minutes of test time is remaining.
  7. Upon completion of your exam, locate your gold seals and put them on the top, right side and bottom of your exam booklet (but do NOT seal your test grid in the booklet.) Fill out sections F and G on the answer grid and return your exam booklet, test grid (and E/M Audit Sheets, if applicable) to us before exiting the room. If you finish your exam before the 5 hours and 40 minutes are up, you may leave. When exiting the exam room, please be quiet and courteous of other test takers.
  8. Any collaborative or disruptive behavior detected during the examination is cause for immediate action (disqualification, etc.) by the proctors. Electronic devices capable of storing and retrieving text, audio books, etc may not be brought into the examination room. Please turn off and put away all cell phones and/or pagers. Examination content is confidential, therefore, copying questions and/or discussing the questions with others during or following the examination will disqualify you from certification. Removal of any test material from the exam site is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to remove exam materials will disqualify the examinee for certification and result in automatic failure of the examination. Proctors may not clarify test questions during the examination.
  9. If at ANYTIME during the exam you are distracted because of the exam environment, you may elect to stop taking the exam. The exam will not be graded, your attempt will not be counted and you will need to contact the AAPC to reschedule your exam at a later date.
  10. Exam results are usually released within 5 to 7 business days after AAPC receives the exam package back from the proctor. Results will be accessible in your member area on the AAPC web site (www.aapc.com) and official result documents will be mailed within 2 weeks of their receipt at the national office. Please do not call AAPC for your test results. Exam results are prohibited from being released over the telephone. We are now ready to begin the examination, you make break the silver seals and open your test booklet. Use only a #2 pencil to mark your answers and please correctly bubble in each answer on your test grid. You have 5 hours and 40 minutes to complete the examination, the current time is [state the time.] The exam will end at [state the time.]

Proctor Instructions