AAPC - Advancing the Business of Healthcare

After getting your CPCO® certification

You hang your framed certification on the wall, stare at it a bit, and leave the room only to return and stare some more. We've been there. You've earned this!

After the initial excitement wears off, you sit at your desk, and the question hits you — what do I do next?

Network with AAPC members and organizations

AAPC partners with over 1,000 healthcare organizations in more than 40 countries, providing members with a high-quality professional network.

From attending local chapter events to HEALTHCON conferences to professional Facebook groups, AAPC offers an unprecedented range of opportunities to network with other members and member organizations.

Maintain your certification

Medical codes and payer guidelines change every year, as do federal regulations. That’s why AAPC prioritizes continuing education (versus recertification) — because keeping pace with the industry is essential to compliance success.

Whether it's for certification renewal, career development, or to increase job opportunities, the need for continuing education is a real demand every AAPC member faces. 

AAPC makes it easy with a wide array of affordable continuing education opportunities available for you to take at your convenience. 

Find your dream job

In recent years, there have been thousands of job openings for healthcare compliance experts in the U.S. That number doubles when you include professionals who have advanced into roles such as medical auditors, clinical documentation specialists, compliance officers, and practice managers.

Advance your career with lifelong learning 

Compliance officers enjoy lifelong careers with their compliance officer credential. Many compliance officers branch into related roles. With multiple credentials and a diversity of skills and experience, the options along your career path are endless.