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Certification exams

Test anxiety is no joke. But with enough prep and practice, nothing can stand in your way. Get all the info you need — right here, in one spot.

Step 1

Choose an exam format

Would you prefer to take your exam remotely, from the comfort of home? Or, would you rather take it a Meazure Learning testing center with in-person technology assistance? Explore both options to see which exam format aligns best with your preferences.

2024 Exams Formats

Step 2

Buy an exam voucher

After you purchase your exam, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Sign in to your AAPC account and find your voucher under Purchases.

2024 Exams BuyVoucher

Step 3

Redeem an exam voucher

Within one hour after your purchase, you’ll receive the Notice to Schedule email. Use the link and login details provided in the email to schedule your exam.

At-home online proctored exams: You'll be asked to fill out the required profile information, including uploading a photo of your government-issued ID. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete scheduling.

Testing center proctored exams: Enter the date range of when you’d like to take your exam, choose a testing center location near you, and then select the available date/time option you prefer.

2024 Exams RedeemVoucher

Other steps you might need

What’s changed about AAPC exams?

In the last several years, our members have taken over 100,000 electronic exams. As of 2024, all AAPC exams are offered electronically — whether you take it at home or at a Meazure Learning testing center. Here are some of the benefits we’ve seen as a result of this change:

+10% improved pass rate

Students are having greater success with electronic exams, and it’s clear in the increased pass rate.

Quicker exam results

Scantrons required a lengthier, more tedious grading process that came with risks like delayed shipments. Electronic exams provide a more efficient process that includes precise and prompt grading.

Greater availability

Now that in-person exams are hosted at Meazure Learning testing centers, availability has increased significantly. Choose the date, time, and exam format that fits your schedule and location best.

Enhanced certification integrity

Involving a proctor who adheres to rigorous standards safeguards the integrity of our exam process. By preventing dishonest practices, we protect the credibility of our credentials.

Allows for testing in a familiar environment

If you suffer from test anxiety, taking the exam at home can make you feel more relaxed and focused,‌ leading to better test performance.

Reduced paper waste

By dropping the need for printed materials, we minimize our ecological footprint and support greener practices.

Need ADA accommodations?

You can learn more about the process and apply on our ADA Exam Accommodation(s) Request page.