Excellus BCBS

  • Viral Load Assay or Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing for HIV (e.g., HIV-1, HIV-2) (PDF) Policy 2.02.08 (posted 1/14/14)
  • Urinary Tumor Markers for Bladder Cancer: AccuDx, BTA Stat™, Fibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Products (FDP), ImmunoCyt, Nuclear Matrix Protein (NMP-22), Urinary Bladder Cancer Antigen (UBC Rapid Test) (PDF) Policy 2.02.12 (posted 10/24/13)
  • Serum Tumor Markers for Diagnosis and Management of Cancer (AFP, CA-125, CA-19-9, CA-15-3, CA 27, CA 29, CEA, HCG, Proteomic) (PDF) Policy 2.02.10 (posted 10/2/14)
  • Serum Antibodies for the Diagnosis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PDF) Policy 2.02.19 (posted 1/14/14)
  • Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency (PDF) Policy 2.02.45 (posted 9/15/14)
  • Tumor Chemoresistance and Chemosensitivity Assays: Cytoprint, EDR Assay, Extreme Drug Resistance Assay, Histoculture Drug Response Assay (PDF) Policy 2.02.32 (posted 8/4/14)
  • Proteomics-Based Testing for the Evaluation of Ovarian (Adnexal) Masses: Ova1™ (PDF) Policy 2.02.43 (posted 9/15/14)
  • Pathfinder TG® Molecular Testing: Redpath, Topographic Genotyping (PDF) Policy 2.02.39 (posted 1/23/14)
  • Non-Invasive Helicobacter Pylori (H Pylori) Testing: HpSA, Urea Breath Test (PDF) Policy 2.02.02 (posted 6/16/14)
  • Inflammatory Markers of Coronary Artery Disease Risk (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, HS-CRP, Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2, Lp-PLA2, PLAC) (PDF) Policy 2.02.15 (posted 5/1/14)
  • Her-2 Testing in Invasive Breast Cancer Using Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) or Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Assays: HercepTest, PathVysion, INFORM®, FISH pharmdX) (PDF) Policy 2.02.31 (posted 1/23/14)
  • Hepatitis C RNA Quantitative PCR Testing (HCV RNA) (PDF) Policy 2.02.09 (posted 12/9/13)
  • First Trimester Screening for Down Syndrome (e.g., Cell-Free Fetal DNA, Harmony™, Free Beta PAPP-A, MaterniT21™, Non-invasive Prenatal Testing, Nuchal Translucency, Panorama™, Verify®) (PDF) Policy 2.02.25 (posted 8/4/14)
  • Fecal DNA Analysis for Colorectal Cancer (e.g., Pre-Gen) (PDF) Policy 2.02.28 (posted 1/23/14)
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment - Laboratory Evaluation of Lipids: Apolipoprotein A-1, B, and E, Lipoprotein (a) Enzyme Immunoassay (PDF) Policy 2.02.29 (posted 10/24/13)
  • Biochemical Markers of Bone Turnover (e.g., Collagen Cross Links, Cross Laps, ITCP, N-telopeptides, NTx, Pyrilinks) (PDF) Policy 2.02.18 (posted 9/15/14)
  • Antiprothrombin Antibody Testing (PDF) Policy 2.02.40 (posted 8/4/14)
  • Telemedicine and Telehealth (PDF) Policy 1.01.49 (posted 10/6/14)
  • Patient Lifts (e.g., Hoyer, Saralift), Seat Lift Chair Mechanisms and Ceiling Lifts (PDF) Policy 1.01.08 (posted 7/29/14)
  • Home Prothrombin Time Monitor (e.g., Acusure™, CoaguChek®, International Normalized Ratio [INR], Prothrombin Time [PTT], Protime, Rubicon®) (PDF) Policy 1.01.44 (posted 7/29/14)
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