Phrenic Nerve Stimulation System Procedures CPT® Code range 0424T- 0468T

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Category III Codes 0424T-0468T is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 0424T- 0468T

December 31, 1969
Keep an eye out for Medicarespecific rule. As statespecific COVID19 vaccination mandates start to hit home health and hospice agencies a federal regulation on vaccination for all companies with more t... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Second interim final rule implements additional protections and addresses the independent dispute resolution process. On Sept. 30 2021 the Department of Health and Human Services HHS the Department of... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
HEALTHCON Regional 2021 got off to a great start and the level of excitement remained high going into the third day. Many attendees both inperson and virtual began their day with the networking breakf... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Those attending the first day of AAPCs Charleston regional conference hit the ground running and day two was no different. The day began with an early networking breakfast and a barrage of sightseeing... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Education networking and good times drew hundreds of medical billers coders auditors and other healthcare business professionals to an AAPC regional conference today. The threeday conference Oct. 46 c... [ Read More ]
If a provider documents "We discussed the risks and benefits of a corticosteroid injection" does this meet the documentation requirement for Decision for minor surgery with risk factors? OR... [ Read More ]
Good Afternoon! Does anyone bill for CPT 95715 EEG? If so, what is the reimbursement rate for Medicare?... [ Read More ]
Hello everyone, I need some help with how to code the open reduction of the left radiocapitellar joint. The report is below, any help would be deeply appreciated. Codes I was going to use: 24685 x ... [ Read More ]
Which is the correct dx code to use for metastatic castrate sensitive prostate cancer - Z19.1 or Z19.2???... [ Read More ]
So a friend had a colonoscopy, first done in 2012, 2 polyps found and removed. Second colonoscopy done 2015 1 polyp found and removed. Third colonoscopy done 6/2021 1 polyp found and removed. Never ha... [ Read More ]
Hello. I need to ask for assistance or advice on a charge that an ob doctor is dropped. op report states REPEAT LOW TRANSVERSE CESAREAN SECTION, BILATERAL SALPINGECTOMY, RIGHT OVARIAN CYSTECTOMY. pat... [ Read More ]
I am studying to take the CCVTC exam in December. I have the required books, CPT, ICD10 and HCPC. We are allowed an additional resource, any suggestions on additional resources? Thank you... [ Read More ]
One of my trauma/gen surg providers sometimes does partial closure during one of the staged debridements. Would you code 13160 for the delayed closure? That seems like a fairly high RVU for not comple... [ Read More ]
I work for a provider based clinic, and now a Provider based Rural Health Clinic. All of of labs are billed through our Hospital as out patient Place of service. We have had patients come in for Welln... [ Read More ]
PVI and Posterior Wall Isolation for Atrial Fibrillation Ablation lesions were delivered using an irrigated-tip ablation catheter (Biosense Thermocool SmartTouch STSF D curve) in a wide antral approa... [ Read More ]

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