HCPCS Coding Clinic (Q3 2023): Read about RSV and proper coding

The third quarter AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS dives into the details of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and new RSV vaccine code 90679. The issue also explains some COVID-19 vaccine changes that were effective in April and lists HCPCS Level II changes from July.

To learn more about the topics in Volume 23, Number 3, subscribers to Codify by AAPC’s HCPCS Coding Clinic search tool can look up these terms or select the year and quarter for the issue:

  • ASC device offset update: 50080, 50081, C1747
  • COVID-19 vaccine, emergency use authorization: 0121A, 0124A, 0134A, 0141A, 0142A, 0144A, 0151A, 0154A, 0164A, 0171A, 0172A, 0174A, 91312-91317
  • Drug amount discarded, modifiers, update: C9399, J3490, J3590, JW, JZ
  • HCPCS Level II codes, July 2023: C9146-C9151, C9784-C9787, G0460, G0465, J0131, J0137, J0174, J0206, J0216, J0457, J0665, J0736, J0737, J1440, J1576, J1805, J1806, J1811-J1814, J1820, J1836, J1920, J1921, J1941, J1961, J2249, J2305, J2329, J2370-J2372, J2426, J2427, J2561, J2598, J2599, J2805, J2806, J7213, J9029, J9056, J9058, J9059, J9063, J9259, J9264, J9305, J9322, J9323, J9347, J9350, J9380, J9381, Q4272-Q4278, Q4280-Q4284, Q5131, S0020, S0030, S0073, S0077
  • Respiratory syncytial virus: 90471, 90472, 90679
  • Status update: C1748

The Ask the Editor section of this issue discusses coding for a variety of procedures. Subscribers to our HCPCS Coding Clinic tool can find additional information by searching for these terms:

  • ACL repair, arthroscopic, ligament repair, open: 27429, LT
  • Biliopancreatic diversion, laparoscopic: 43659, 43845
  • Colon polypectomy, hybrid technique: 45390, C9779
  • External tissue expander, placement: 11960, 13121, 13122, A4649
  • Median arcuate ligament release, laparoscopic: 49329
  • Posterior tibial nerve stimulator, leadless: 64590
  • Salpingectomy, electrocautery, clarification: 58661
  • Scalene muscle injection: 20552, 76942, J2001
  • Screening colonoscopy follow-up, modifiers: 45380, 81528, 82270, G0105, G0121, G0328, KX, PT
  • THA revision: 27138
  • TURBT, tumor removal: 52234, 52235


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