ICD-10 Coding Clinic (Q3 2023): Understand everything from acute kidney injury to tracheal agenesis

AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Volume 10, Number 3, is one long Ask the Editor section. That means this issue offers authoritative guidance on a lot of different topics.

Subscribers to the Codify by AAPC ICD-10 Coding Clinic add-on can access information about the areas below. This is just a sampling of what’s included:

  • Acute kidney injury, renal subcapsular hematoma: N17.9, N28.89
  • Blast injury, firearm: S36.498A, S36.590A, X95.9XXA
  • Cervical epidural hematoma: G95.19
  • Control, postpartum hemorrhage: N17.9, N28.89
  • Diabetes, optic neuropathy: E11.39, E11.9, H46.9
  • Gastrojejeunal junction intussusception: K56.1
  • Kratom abuse, withdrawal: F19.139
  • Noninvasive, invasive, high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma: C67.1-C67.3, C67.5
  • Peripheral neuropathy, graft versus host disease: D89.811, G63, T86.09
  • Prescribed cannabis use, chronic pain: Z79.8994
  • Subchorionic hemorrhage: O20.8
  • Tracheal agenesis, tracheostomy placement: 0DH50YZ


Note: Tools and data available may vary based on your Codify by AAPC by AAPC package.