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Advancing Your Career in Medical Coding: CPC® Certification

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CPC® Examination

To be a fully professional medical coders, you must complete the CPC® examination. During the exam, you must demonstrate your understanding and proficiency using CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes accurately. These codes report and bill professional medical services.

To advance your career, you must be proficient in the following skills:

Anatomy and Physiology – Translating provider notes to codes requires an intimate knowledge of body parts and processes. Understanding the differences in diseases and injuries helps assure accuracy and speeds reimbursement.

Medical Terminology – Healthcare has its own language. Becoming fluent in the acronyms and terms used to describe medical components, procedures, and supplies helps you understand providers and better choose the codes you report.

Insurance Practices – Discerning how different payers’ rules affect your report of visits and procedures is essential to success in medical coding. Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payers, and workers’ compensation administrators have both similar and conflicting rules. Knowing which to follow when is essential.

Familiarity with a Range of Services (including evaluation and management [E/M], anesthesia, surgery, radiology, pathology, and medicine) – Knowing what happens when patients receive these services helps you navigate the various code sets. Recognition of a service can automatically transfer into a code.

Memorization and Recognition of Coding Guidelines, Modifiers, and Other Qualifiers – There are so many ways to use and modify the codes reported. To be an advanced coder, you must know what modifiers can be used when, what codes can be added on, and what restrictions and opportunities are available through guidelines.

Resource Location – An advanced coder knows where to find more information if needed, who to ask for clarification, and what networking opportunities are available.

Certified and Curious – An advanced coder is certified and continues to pursue additional knowledge and certifications as needed. They attend their local chapter meetings, read Healthcare Business Monthly, research using other industry publications, and share their knowledge.

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