Wiki FAQ


Q. What is a wikipost?

A wikipost is editable content appearing at top of a multipage thread summarizing important information about the thread.

Q. Who can create update wikiposts?

Any member of AAPC forums for 30 days who has made 5 posts can update or create a wikipost. Become a member by joining AAPC. Please note the FAQ found at the top of every wikipost: "This is a community-maintained wikipost containing the most important information from this thread. You may create or edit a wikipost once you have  been a registered member of the forums for 30 days and have made 5 posts."

Q. What is the purpose of having a wiki on the forum?

The most popular threads have high interest can grow very quickly, making it difficult to find complete information. These threads can sometimes grow to hundreds of pages. In time the information on these threads may become obsolete. Wikiposts have been implemented to solve these problems. A wikipost contains a summary of relevant information, links to relevant pages on, current forum threads, and possibly off-site resources. Any member with "30/30" can update obsolete information or update wikipost information.

Q. Can I link to a wikipost?

Yes. Click on wiki Link on the upper right of the wiki and the wikipost will display a single post. Share the permialink on social media, blog posts, or embed it in forum posts.

Q. Why are so many threads with wikiposts concentrated on the front pages of forum?

The most popular threads are often those with complicated content—code updates or AAPC policy changes, tips, etc. These are the threads most likely to have wikiposts summarizing key points.

Q. Can I see a listing of wikiposts?

Yes. In the dark blue navigation bar, just below the AAPC logo, find the link that says "WikiPosts." Click the link and then select "Show all Wikiposts" from the sub-menu.

Q. What are the alternatives to wikiposts in a large forum?

1) Forum members often create new threads when searching for answers. Multiple (dozens or even more) threads often appear, creating fragmented threads on identical topics. Wikiposts will help resolve this issue.

2) Mega threads with hundreds of posts to sort through for answers.

Q. How do I open and start a wikipost myself?

To create a wiki, go to the Thread Tools menu on the right of the thread menu bar, click Create a Wikipost. Please note the thumb rule: "This is a community-maintained wikipost containing the most important information from this thread. You may start or edit a wikipost once you have been a registered AAPC forum member for 30 days and have made 5 posts." (Written at the top of every Wikipost.)

Q. I've got "30/30." How do I edit a wikipost?

To edit a wiki click on the Edit Post button in the lower right of the wiki.

Q. What formatting can I use to make a wikipost more "eye-tractive" and readable?

Wikis accepts a lot of common BBCode formatting, some of which is shown below

BB Code List

[b], [i], [u] -Bold / Italic / Underline

[color] -Color

[size] -Size

[font] -Font

[highlight] -Highlight

[left], [right], [center] -Left / Right / Center

[indent] -Indent

[email] -Email Linking

[url] -URL Hyperlinking

[thread] -Thread Linking

[post] -Post Linking

[list] -Bulleted Lists / Advanced Lists

[img] -Images

[code] -Code

[php] -PHP Code

[html] -HTML Code

[quote] -Quote

[noparse] -Stop BB Code Parsing

[attach] -Attachment

[a] -Anchor

[align] -Align

[floatright] -Float Right

[h2] -Header 2

[h3] -Header 3

[high] -High

[hr] -Hr

[imglft] -Float Left Image

[imgrft] -Float Right Image

[jira] -Jira

[LFT] -Float Left

[minicode] -Minicode

[name] -Name

[node] -Node

[note] -Note

[pre] -Pre Tag

[process] -Process

[rft] -Float Right

[s] -Strikethrough

[warning] -Warning

Q. Can I embed or add illustrations or photos in wikiposts? 

Links to photographs and graphic images can be embedded in wikiposts. Framed video links cannot, nor can images be attached as in posts.