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    Exposure to Hepatitis inutero

    Code V29.0 If the baby is in Observation for 24 to 48 hrs. Code V29.0 for newborn baby chart, if mother diagnosed with viral hepatitis.
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    How to code Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy(PUPPP), is that 646.81 and 698.9?
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    Acute Vs Chronic

    Is there any time frame for acute and Chronic condition of a Diagnosis, for eg. Pt with Right internal Jugular Vein Clot.
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    Chronic Immunosuppressive therapy

    If the encounter is for Chronic Immunosuppressive therapy then we can code V58.69.
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    Degenerative change

    Degenerative Changes Degenerative Changes leads to 715.9x. So 715.97 is correct for this condition.
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    Fetal laceration during c-section

    Birth Injury We can code. 767.8 Other specified birth trauma and E870.0 Accidental cut, puncture, perforation, or hemorrhage during surgical operation
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    Hi, this is thyagarajan Working for Omega HMS. Bangalore. Nice to meet you, i have invited you...

    Hi, this is thyagarajan Working for Omega HMS. Bangalore. Nice to meet you, i have invited you to join CodersinIndia. in AAPC website, did you get it
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    Medical Coder

    Sprain Disorder will not go before a sprain. Sprain or Strain(Joint)(Ligament)(Muscle)(Tendon) stands alone.
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    manifestation code???

    DMII with Neurological Manifestation DMII with Neurological Manifestation we can code 250.60 and 357.2.
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    Suprapubic catheter For suprapubic catheter, If there is drainage, Suprapubic drainage 596.8 can be coded
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    rad coding

    781.8 Not to code 781.8 for Left Sided Weakness, 781.8 is Neurologic Neglect Syndrome. For Left Sided Weakness without paralysis, we can use 780.79.
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    postpartum bells palsy

    Palsy 648.92, 351.0.
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    Need Correct Coding for a dx of a cat bite, finger

    883.0 I will go with 883.0
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    ENDURAGen Implant

    15430 15430 Acellular xenograft implant; first 100 sq cm or less, or 1% of body area of infants and children will be the correct CPT code. ENDURAgen is not allograft. Note: Acellular porcine dermis (Enduragen; Tissue Sciences Laboratories, plc., Aldershot, U.K.) was recently introduced as a...