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    2 Different POS on same CMS1500 Form

    2 different POS You would need to file 2 claims as box 32 only allows for one place of service. But if the provider saw the patient in the office and the hospital on the same day for an E&M only one can be billed.
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    Assistant Surgeon

    Hi Rebecca, could you also fax this to me at 937-415-9190. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    use of u/s for needle placement w/Euflexxa

    Our practice is considering the purchase of an ultrasound for needle placement for Euflexxa and other joint injections. For most payers is this considered medically necessary or denied? CPT 76942 with J7323
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    Amy L. Carpenter

    E&M coding If a Physician in a multi specialty group refers an established patient to a Physician of a different specialty within the same group, can we charge a new patient E&M code? Such as a General Ortho to a Pain Management Specialist with the same tax ID but different taxonomy codes. I...