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    Angiography of bilateral lower extremities through right femoral access?

    Hello, I struggle with this case, anyone can advise me ? I think 36247, 36248x2 for one leg, how about the other ? :unsure: PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral lower extremity claudication. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Bilateral lower extremity claudication. PROCEDURE: The patient was brought to...
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    Urolift and bladder stone removal at the same time

    PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: BPH with obstruction, bladder stones POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Same PROCEDURE: Cystoscopy, removal of bladder stones Prostatic urethral lift (4 implants) Moderate BPH, trabeculated bladder Few small bladder stones (4 stones, 3-4 mm each) INDICATIONS: Mr. Lester is a...
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    Question Vaginal hysterectomy vs total hysterectomy

    :)Consider the following chart example: The patient was taken to the OR, where her anesthetic was induced. She was then placed in the dorsal lithotomy position and underwent examination under anesthesia. She was then prepped and draped in the usual manner for vaginal and abdominal surgery. A...
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    Question Vaginal hysterectomy vs total hysterectomy

    In the article “Pinpoint Correct Hysterectomy Coding” (August 2018, pages 16-18), the statement, “… a laparoscopic-assisted vaginal approach — a ‘subset’ of the vaginal approach — in which a scope is inserted via small incisions in the vagina,” is incorrect, and is not the basis for coding a...
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    Question Vaginal hysterectomy vs total hysterectomy

    I hope this will clear your concerns . TLH (effective Jan. 1, 2008) CPT® Codes Uterine Size Tubes and/or Ovaries Removal of Cervix Approach to Removal Route of Removal 58570 ≤ 250 grams No Yes Detachment of entire uterine cervix and body via the laparoscope Tissues are...
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    Question CIRCC credential

    Hello All, I know this is coding related forum, but I was thinking I can target this too since people visiting here are specializing in this field. I am preparing myself to get CIRCC credential test. I am looking for any tips, advice and guidance to help me with this new challenge. I'd...
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    help on ICD-10 only, plese

    I came with the same answers at first and the facility the I submit the answers ( test purpose) didn't like that. I was perplexed because I saw no reason to be wrong , only the dysmenorrhea code. Thank you for response!
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    help on ICD-10 only, plese

    Thank you so much for your response. I was doing research yesterday and indeed I find codes for primary and secondary dysmenorrhea. In this case secondary may be appropriate since fibroids are reported.
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    combined cataract coding

    How would you code combined cataract , right eye? H25.11, H25.011 ? or H25.811
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    and this one ICD 10 only

    Preoperative diagnosis: Abdominal pain in the setting of prior cholecystectomy Findings: The esophagus was successfully intubated under direct vision without detailed examination of the pharynx, larynx, and associated structures, and upper GI tract. One stent originating in the biliary tree was...
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    help on ICD-10 only, plese

    Pre-op Diagnosis: dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids Post-op Diagnosis: Same Procedure: Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy with right salpingoopherectomy Findings: Enlarged bulky fibroid uterus with adhesion of omentum to left cornua. Uterus weight 220 grams.
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    looking for opinions after I coded once wrong.. got difftent codes now

    1. Bilateral tonsillar hypertrophy. 2. Chronic tonsillitis. 3. Bilateral inferior turbinate hypertrophy. PROCEDURES: 1. Coblation tonsillectomy. 2. Bilateral powered submucous resection of inferior turbinates with therapeutic outfracture. ANESTHESIA TYPE: General endotracheal anesthesia...
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    Bunion and hammertoe procedures

    Thank you !
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    Bunion and hammertoe procedures

    Hello fellow codes, coding these procedures for a while and still struggling with multiply procedures performed on one toe, especially the hammertoe. here is one of the OP report. I'm thinking of 28297 for Bunion and of course 28285 for hammertoe, anything else? Weil osteotomy always throws...
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    Salary for coders in denver co

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I need to do a lot of research- thank you for the info! :D do you have any suggestions where I should look ..