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    primary dx

    well since there is a surgical complication, complication is coded pdx and already diagnosis says stenosis is secondary to complication. :confused: usually complications given as pdx.
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    Modified Haley Procedure

    I think they may have meant Hanley procedure :/
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    I think you may need to specify the finger hcpcs modifier(F1-FA).
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    Modifiers - 26 and -90

    :rolleyes: this may help you. It has an example for modifier 90, which will be helpful.
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    Direct current cardioversion is used in treatment of afib
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    Metadiaphysis Fracture

    If proximal metadiaphysis is given you can take it as proximal part of shaft, proximal is just used to denote which end metadiaphysis is broken. Metadiaphysis is the joining area of metaphysis and diaphysis region which occur at shaft.
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    Burn treatment and splint

    may be this could help you
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    How to code chronic condition in surgery

    Usually its based on the relevance of chronic condition, like if came for a fracture treatment and patient has some cardiology condition chronic that doesn't need treatment you wouldn't code it unless it becomes a complication for the condition or its related to it. More than that its upto your...
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    URGENT Help !!!!!!!!!!FLUAD vaccine
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    How to bill auto injectors

    96372 is used as administration code and use a HCPCS code for medicine.
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    URGENT Help !!!!!!!!!!FLUAD vaccine

    FLUAD (Influenza Vaccine, Adjuvanted) 90653. In subunit vaccine part of disease causing organism is used inactivated, like use of viral protein coats inactivated by recombinant techniques.
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    removal of sutures

    Since the encounter is for ulcer treatment you have to code L89.323 (pressure ulcer, left buttock) chronic conditions Z87.2 (personal hx of diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue) You cannot give the encounter code unless the sole purpose of visit is for suture removal.
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    Coding carpal tunnel syndrome without EMG

    We can code what the provider says, even if it lacks some tests if the provider specifies it is CTS you will have to code it. As long as the provider documents it as CTS you can code it.
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    Wiki ICD-10 code for Asymptomatic PAD

    Code directly leads to the code I73.9, I don't think there would be another code usable. :confused: may be I73.89.
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    Bilateral Diagnosis

    For a bilateral diagnosis if there is a code specific for bilateral, code it; if not, code both diagnosis. Even if the treatment is different for both side(for different treatment you code cpt code with modifier for laterality). eg: H91.93 for hearing loss bilateral even if both ear has...