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    49204 and 49205

    So even though there isn't an ileocolostomy you can still use 44205? I'm stuck on a case right now where my provider performed a robotic assisted Ileocolectomy with intracorporeal anastomosis with removal of part of the terminal ileum. I was thinking of using 44205 but came here to see if anyone...
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    Lumpectomy Coding Help

    Looking for opinions on the following procedure: Post Op DX: L. Breast Carcinoma Procedure: Left needle localized lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy. Needle localization and technetium radiotracer injection were performed in the nuclear medicine department. Patient was...
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    Modifier 25 with 36415

    No, 36415 does not require a 25 be appended to the E/M.
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    points for amount of data

    My understanding is if 2 radiology tests are ordered that is only 1 point. Anything from the same series of codes ex.) lab tests from the 8xxxx series, radiology are 7xxxx and medicine from the 9xxxx series can only be counted once. Amanda Unger, CPC
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    E+M Table of Risk

    Just to follow up, I spoke with Palmetto GBA, and they said that Xarelto and Eliquis do not require as intensive monitoring as Coumadin/Warfarin so it is NOT considered a high risk drug. Found it interesting, wanted to share!
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    E+M Table of Risk

    So according to the Medicare website, Coumadin/warfarin is considered a high risk drug, but there is no mention of other anticoagulants. My question is, what about Xarleto and Eliquis? Any one have any ideas? Thanks in advance!