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    5010 in terms I can understand!!

    Help!! I can't seem to understand what on earth I am suppose to be ready for. My clinic seems to be behind and no one knows what to do about it. Please help me understand if you can!
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    Substance abuse IOP-PLEASE HELP!

    At our clinic we call the pt ins. before we see them to find out if they have mental heath benefits. When we do this we also find out if the pt has substance abuse benefits. Doing this cuts down on the suprise that ins won't pay. I don't think that Medicare covers substance abuse but Medicaid...
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    Behavior Health Audit Tool

    medicare I would like this info as well if you didnt mind.
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    90805 & 90806 same day

    yes You can bill both as long as the codes are from 2 different providers. However, some insurance guidelines say that is they recieved "therapy" from the LISW, then the CNS needs to code a med management (90862) instead. Sometimes I have to remind my providers of this so that they can code...
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    Let's start a pysch coding email group!

    I am starting to realize that mental health is the "black sheep" of medicine. I would love to be on your list.
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    billing for 90847 and 90862

    I am a biller for an outpatient psych clinic. There is a private ins. company that alot of our pts use that will not pay for more than one code. For example billing a 90847 and 90862 ALWAYS gets denied because "it's too similar as a code" same for 90847 and 90812. How do I get them to pay for...