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  • I checked with an inpatient coder. If the patient was medicare, they will roll this visit altogether with the first visit. No separation. If they had other insurance, not sure how it will be paid, but as long as there is an H & P with a diagnosis, it will be billed. HMMM! I learned something today too!
    Hi Anna:

    We have a patient who was discharged yesterday 6/17/09 by Dr. X, pt went home, had an argument with his roommate who did not want patient to stay with him any longer. Patient had no place to go, so he came back to the hospital 2 hours after discharge. Dr. Y re-admitted him.

    Is this possible? There are no new symptoms and patient was already discharged.

    Can this be billed?
    Hi Anna - I have a question -- I have a pt who was seen in his (Dr. A) PCP's office and then referred to hospital for admit. Dr B also wants to bill an admit. Is this possible?
    Hi Anna,

    I am giving a presentation at the National Conference in Las Vegas about networking on the forum. I would love to use you to demostrate how to become friends on the forum. Is that okay with you?

    Risse Snelgrove
    Board of Directors AAPCCA
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