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    I was told by my supervisor we need to start to use a modifier 25 with office level when procedure peak flow 94200, pulm aid 94664, pulse ox 94760 are done. Is that right? I look in cpt book, there were no mention of using modifer 25 to E/M level with these procedure. No one seem to have answered to my question in the open forum, I was wondering if you can Help

    Thanks In advance
    Urologist would bill consult then...if your doc actually wrote orders to admit, he would bill admission, (do not use admission if the hospitalist is admitting) otherwise he'd have to use outpatient visit codes depending whether the patient is new or established... sounds to me the urologist transferred care, your doc admitted, hospitalists take over.... what do you think?
    I have a question:
    A urologist called our physician on 5/2/09 and asked if we wouild take care of a patient urologist wrote for an admission so our doc thought he was asking for a consult but when she looked at the orders the urologist did a consult not and admission and our doc did the H&P his orders say admit to hospitalist service -- how should we correctly
    Well then yes I don't think the providers should be billing for anything past 4/5. Especially if shes been "medically discharged" and she's not there a "medical reason" but rather a social issue - which would be taken care of by the social workers/case management. I don't see why your providers need to continue to round if shes discharged and no longer requires medical intervention.
    The patient is still here due to social issues. Patient has been ready for discharge since 4-3-09– the hospital has been in contact with Adult Protective Services
    Good Afternoon AR --

    Can you assist me with this, please?

    We have a patient in the hospital that is waiting for placement,
    BCBS are not covering services as of 4-5-09.

    Our physicians are continuing to round – because she is still here and on our service, on the billing sheets – our docs are listing as a no charge each day. Are we correct in not charging 4-5-09 forward?
    Yes, you are correct in your choice of codes, 99211-99215. as far as "how long" you can do that for, I have no certain answer. Everyday is fine as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's medically necessary & the documentation supports the service. I guess it would fall under the patient's health plan- they have certain rules for how long a patient "should" be inpatient/in observation, etc... Sorry I couldn't help much!
    I'm actually auditing a chart -- here it is: Pt was discharged 3/28/08. Did not go home, on 3/29, 3/30, 3/31 billed outpatient subsequent 99211-99215 and on 4/1 pt was discharged.
    Hi AR -

    If a Dr. discharges a pt and the patient does not go home and you bill a subsequent, how long can you bill the subsequent?
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