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    Dermatology Superbill / Charge Slip

    Does anyone have a dermatology superbill they would be willing to share? Please email to Thank you in advance!
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    coding inpatient consults

    If you're the admitting physician for a medicare patient, you continue to use initial hospital care codes 99221-99223 but now must append modifier AI 99221-99223 have always been called "admit codes" because traditionally they were only used by the admitting we just have to forget...
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    Preventative Exams

    Preventative codes should be utilized. New/est visits are for problem oriented encounters. Insurances may pay this, but it is still incorrect coding and they could recoop that money once they catch the error. Additionally, they're probably being overpaid. For of my payers...
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    Newsletter has gone out

    The first newsletter has gone out -- be sure to check your spam folders. Thank you.... we look forward to future growth of this newsletter project to benefit fellow coders and auditors.
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    The AAPC partnered up with NAMAS. As of 1/1/2010, the CPMA is officially an AAPC credential. All of those who have successfully completed the CPMA prior to 12/31/09 and is in good standing, will be grandfathered in. The AAPC will be the administrator for the credential.
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    95' E/M Guidelines "updated" ?????

    I'm pretty sure this is an interpretation.. not an update. 5-7 may be detailed but what happens if you have 2 organ systems examined and you go into great depth about one? Is that not considered detailed? Well actually it very well may be ... It all comes down to the power of your argument...
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    Layered, Intermediate, Complicated Closure, when do you use this kind of code?

    Whenever an excision is performed, i.e. a lesion, a simple closure is always included. A simple closure can also be called a nonlayered closure. In this instance, only the excision code would be coded. An immediate repair involves: Closure of contaminated single layer wound Layer closure...
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    Conflict of interest?

    If someone is performing billing functions, can they also audit the medical records? or is this a conflict of interest? I'm looking for specific sources. Thank you!!
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    Encoder software programs

    I have encoder pro, just renewed for the second year. Individual license pricing is different then group pricing. Talk to Chad Holder if you're interested. Another new product similar to encoder pro, was just published by Decision Health. They showed us a free demo, which we really liked, but...
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    Review of systems- have a fellow

    Remember the ROS is an expansion on the HPI asked by a series of questions by the provider. I often times see something like "patient complains of ear pain, fever, and nasal congestion" Ear would get location, fever associated signs and symptoms. and then nasal congestion would be a ROS for...
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    E&M codes on superbills by physician

    Just wanted to add that undercoding can spark an audit as well. So commonly we hear about overcoding and fraudulent charges. It's important that together as a team every service provided is coded correctly. Undercoding is usually (though not always) deliberate which can be seen as an inducement...
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    M/S Exam 1997 DG's

    Thanks that's what I was defaulting to.
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    M/S Exam 1997 DG's

    What bullets would you credit for: "Painless range of motion of all major muscle groups and joints" The patient has hip pain. It doesn't specifically state which ones, so if I gave full credit for every area, I'd wind up with lots of bullets which will dramatically impact the level of exam. I...
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    E/M against medical advise

    Nothing except the admission, given documentation supports. Just because a patient leaves, doesn't void out the encounter. If the service was rendered, you report it
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    EMR - Copy & Paste

    I have a practice who for every patient, no matter what their presenting problem is, is copying and pasting the entire comprehensive history "because it helps them get a higher level visit" (quoted by the office manager) The history should be a direct reflection of the nature of presenting...