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    Benign reactive cellular changes

    Not really considered abnormal since the physician sends a letter to the patient stating that their pap was normal. Thank you though. Jill
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    Benign reactive cellular changes

    What diagnosis does everyone use when pap report states "benign reactive cellular changes"?
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    OB US codes or non-OB US codes

    I would use the 76817 because there is a positive pregnancy test.
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    Normal pap results w/ endometrial cells

    What about 796.9????
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    Newborn Inital E/M

    We have this situation all the time. The OB doc delivers the baby say maybe at night and then the peds doc comes in the next morning and does the initial newborn exam.
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    Wiki code for poor weight gain

    I am having trouble coming up with a code for poor weight gain for a 6 year old child. Any suggestions?
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    Removal of cervical cerclage w/o anesthesia

    I believe it is an E/M.
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    Diagnosis for Strep B + in pregnancy

    I use V02.51.
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    How do you bill for "Medical Records" ??

    I am only merly entering the charge for the HIM person sending the records out. Usually it is an isnsurance company requesting the records for an applicant applying for health insurance. I have even had this experiance myself when I applied for insurance the company wanted the records and I...
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    How do you bill for "Medical Records" ??

    I bill for medical records here in our office and I bill with dx code V68.9.
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    postpartum weeks

    Yes, the hospital discharge is included in the global delivery period.
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    Billing G0394 & 82270 Question?

    I agree you can not bill pts until they return the cards. Yes some money may be lost in doing this but there is nothing that can be done about it.
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    Pessary Insertion x2 coding Q.

    Why would you need a modifer? There are no global days for a pessary insertion. If the doctor had to refit her for another pessary due to the first one not working I think that would be appropriate.
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    Fetal Weight...

    Does the doctor suspect that the baby may not be growing appropriatly? Look at V28.4
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    DX ??? Help pretty please : )

    I like the 640.03 code. Jill, CPC