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    need help with evar for hospital coding please

    After obtaining informed consent, the patient was prepped and draped surgically.  Bilateral femoral artery cutdowns were performed by Dr. Daniel Marelli for the purposes of endovascular repair of a supra and infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm.  For details of the EVAR procedure, please see Dr...
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    need help with failed attempt pci

    Hemodynamics: The aortic pressure was 82/52 mmHg. Coronary Angiography: Right coronary artery is a large-caliber codominant vessel with 100% proximal occlusion. Left Main coronary artery is of large caliber and appears to be patent. Left anterior descending is a large caliber vessel...
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    Remote-Full Time Or Part Time Multi- Specialty Coders Needed

    are benefits like health insurance, dental, vision, pto offered? for this position. is training provided?
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    need help coding cath

    Coronary artery disease, angina presence unspecified, unspecified vessel or lesion type, unspecified whether native or transplanted heart [I25.10 (ICD-10-CM)] Conclusion This patient with prior treatment for cocaine abuse, tobacco abuse, hypertension, morbid obesity, prior abnormal...
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    need help with cath coding

    After obtaining informed consent, the patient was prepped and draped in sterile fashion.  A 6 French glide sheath/sheath was inserted in the right radial artery.  Radial cocktail consisting of 5 mg of verapamil and 200 mg of nitroglycerin was administered via right radial artery sheath to...
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    need help with carotid angio

    Conclusion 55-year-old male with severe peripheral vascular disease and coronary artery disease was diagnosed with severe left carotid stenosis referred for carotid angiogram prior to stenting.  10:37 AM procedure, risks, benefits, alternative options were explained. Risks including...
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    need help with second case of carotid angio ?

    71-year-old male who recently had a transient ischemic attack diagnosed with bilateral severe carotid stenosis.  It was thought that the culprit lesion was a left internal carotid artery due to the laterality of the disease.  Procedure, risks, benefits, alternative options were explained. Risks...
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    need help with carotids angio coding

    70-year-old male with history of carotid disease status post right carotid endarterectomy presented thing with recurrence of symptoms.  Carotid ultrasound showed severe stenosis in the right carotid endarterectomy site and CTA confirmed severe stenosis.  He was brought in for diagnostic...
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    need help with b/l renals angio and stenting

    Conclusion This patient with recent accelerating severe hypertension on multiple antihypertensive medications with difficult to control blood pressure underwent noninvasive imaging which revealed a severe stenosis in the left renal artery, she subsequently underwent CT angiography which...
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    need help with peripheral

    it should be 37227 lft
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    need help with peripheral

    Conclusion After obtaining informed consent, the patient was prepped and draped in the usual fashion.  Approximately 10 mils 2% lidocaine anesthesia was administered to the right groin prior to placement of the arterial sheath.  Under fluoroscopic guidance and using modified Seldinger...
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    should i code 92920?

    Conclusion This patient with prior treatment for hypertension, dyslipidemia, morbid obesity presented with substernal chest discomfort at rest.  Patient was having persistent angina for 3 days.  She presented to the Sussex campus and was found to have elevated troponins which peaked at...
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    need help with failed pci coding

    Conclusion This patient with prior treatment for coronary artery disease status post PCI ostial RCA x2, hypertension, dyslipidemia, severe aortic stenosis status post TAVR using a Medtronic valve has been complaining of substernal chest discomfort. Patient underwent Lexiscan stress test...
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    need b/l iliac stenting help

    Conclusion This 53-year-old female has a known left common iliac artery occlusion status post failed attempt with an antegrade approach from the left femoral was brought in today for attempt from the left brachial. Procedure, risks, benefits, alternative options were explained. Risks...
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    need help with vein graft balloon angio only

    PROCEDURES 1. Coronary angiogram 2. Left heart catheterization 3. Graft angiogram 4. Percutaneous intervention and balloon angioplasty of vein graft to OM1. 5. Right iliofemoral angiogram PROCEDURE NOTE Informed consent was obtained after explaining risks and benefits to the patient. Right...