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    Question Lab DOS

    When working at an outside lab, do you use the collection date as your DOS or the date you received the specimen as your DOS?
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    Lab Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN)

    Lisa, I am not aware of a list those shows ALL codes that are or not covered by CMS. M advice would be to just search for the codes your office bills.
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    87798 Billing Multiple Units

    E. Coli, Clostridioides Difficule (c.Diff), giardia, salmonella, etc. just to name a few...
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    Writing note in books for exam

    In my opinion, you will probably be fine. As long as there no LONG passages, generally they just quickly flip through your book, so as long as it's not something that sticks out loudly, I think you might be okay. I would be sure to make them look like notes, whether than making it look as if you...
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    87798 Billing Multiple Units

    I was wondering are you billing 87798 instead of 87505-87507? Or, what is your opinion on billing 87798 if we are only looking for ONE organism that's offered in 87505-87507?
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    Opinions Needed

    Instead of billing 87505-87507, could we bill 87798 if we are only looking for ONE organism offered in 87505-87507? thanks!
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    discount vs self pay

    Can you provide a discounted rate for payers who are out of network, but ALSO have a self pay rate for patients who are uninsured? Thanks!
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    can someone refresh my memory... if a patient signs an ABN and then the services are denied, do we bill the patient up to Medicare allowable or can we give them a discount rate?
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    Medical Documentation

    Thank you for your response! I understand that the provider should supply the dx, but long story short, we bill certain CPT codes that are only covered with certain dx codes. Therefore, if I can provide some guidance to the providers to see if they can select A04.8 vs R19.7 (if there...
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    Medical Documentation

    Can anyone assist with where I can find chart documentation for an ICD-10 code, for example I am looking for the criteria that would need to be met in order to bill A04.8 Chart documentation for this code must include: ?? I work at a lab, so I do not have direct access to the patient's...
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    87505, 87506, 87507

    Having issues getting paid for codes 87505, 87506, 87507 due to new LCD by CMS. Any suggestions on how we can appeal the LCD? the LCD (L37709) list the acceptable diagnosis codes, but the diagnosis code listed are only for specific diagnosis. Therefore, if a patient comes in with a symptom...
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    LCD Policy
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    LCD Policy

    Any laboratory billers can assist with a recent LCD guideline? This policy has completely changed our billing because this effects our major test. These diagnosis are very specific, but until you diagnosis someone you cannot select one of...
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    Lcd l37709

    Any laboratory billers can assist with a recent LCD guideline? This policy has completely changed our...
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    Compliance Policies

    Hey, could someone direct with where to find compliance policies? I have went to but I am not able to find what I am looking for. Any assistance would be great! Thanks!