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    CPC looking for remote position

    Hi Shawna, We are looking for a certified coder to code for an ambulatory surgery center that performs Orthopaedic, Spine, Pain Management, and Podiatry cases. The surgery center performs about 150 - 200 cases per month. This position would not work directly for the surgery center, but be an...
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    Shrinkage of ACL

    What cpt code would you use to code an arthroscopic shrinkage of the anterior cruciate ligament?
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    billing Medicare ASC

    Most ASC's do bill under Medicare Part B, but there are ASC's that bill under Part A. Is your ASC independent or hospital based?
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    Implants is something that certainly should be considered part of the contract. It is always best to get them carved out and reimbursed at cost + %. Some insurance companies are paying based off the Medicare allowed amounts and the reimbursement for implants are already considered, therefore...
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    What kind of colonoscopy - screening(high risk or low risk) or not - were any polyps removed, if so, what technique - anything else done during the colonoscopy?
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    Anesthesia code for 63685

    What would the anesthesia code for 63685 (insertion of a spinal cord stimulator)?
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    coding for removal/reinsertion of SCS

    You should bill with code 63685 for the replacement of the spinal cord stimulator.
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    AMKAI and SourceMed

    Go with AdvantX. We use it in our facilities and have not had any major problems. I have used Vision and didn't like it. Too new, too many bugs to work out, and not as user friendly as AdvantX - especially with regards to the reports area.
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    What to charge

    Most billing companies will charge about 5% of collections. If you are doing the coding as well, I would charge about $3-4 per chart to code and then the 5% for the billing and collection work.
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    For Consultants(? On Salary)

    We use a CPC-H, that codes part time, to code for the facilities we manage and are charges $3 - $3.50 per operative report coded. Other larger companies will charge $5 - $14 per operative report based on specialty. Ortho and spine are generally in the mid to high level of those charges. If I...
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    Rectal polyp ICD-9 569.0 vs. 211.4

    It should be coded as 211.4. DX code 569.0 excludes adenomatous anal and recal polyps.
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    In Office Billing of ESI

    If there is a facility licensed, you would need to bill under the facility name with the same procedure code(s). If there isn't a facility licensed, then the physician should receive a higher reimbursement for the site of service differential.
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    RE: only viewing cecum from a distance in colonoscopy

    I have to disagree and say that it can and should be billed as a complete colonoscopy. The CPT description states "proximal to splenic flexure;". If the doctor was able to view the cecum, then they went past the splenic flexure and did a complete colonoscopy.
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    did not retrieve polyp

    I agree, no modifier is needed for this and you would use 45385.
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    The colonoscopies will most likely be done under MAC (monitered anesthesia care) and would not use a modifier 23. Modifier 23 is used for physicians and not ASC facilities and MAC is not unusual for colonoscopies.