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    Question Allscripts

    We have Allscripts PM and EHR, what specific reports are you trying to generate?
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    Question Vaping Code

    Look at F17.290 Nicotine dependence, other tobacco product, uncomplicated. There is not one specific code that states vaping, but the description of this one states other tobacco product.
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    Billing for a contracted provider

    When billing for contracted services, you will need to add your location and TIN to the provider insurance companies . We done this for an LCSW until we located a permanent solution. You need to attach all your information to the provider NPI and you need to attach the provider NPI to your...
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    Can RN perform treatment of cryotherapy after physician sees pt and writes order?

    Does anyone have the physician see the patient and determine the need for cryotherapy for wart removal and the RN perform the treatment have any billing issues? I cannot locate any documentation stating only the provider must perform the service. Could you still bill for the service under...
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    FQHC Injections

    Have you tried adding a modifier to the E/M? :cool:
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    FQHC Biller needs help!

    Tcm The TCM has the face to face component inside the code, so I would not bill an additional E/M level. I think you will find the following websites helpful with the TCM...
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    FQHC Billing G0101

    M15 CO97 billed service or benefit is not separately payable by the health plan. Sounds like this service is not deemed high risk for the patient or has been billed more than once in a two year period. therefore not payable and that reflects the M80 Not covered when performed during the same...
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    FQHC Billing G0101

    No, For FQHCs billing under the PPS, G0101 and Q0091 are qualifying visits when billed with FQHC payment HCPCS codes G0466 or G0467. 3rd paragraph last sentence in the MM8927. So you would bill the two codes for the service and the visit codes at the same time. Since you were getting a CO97...
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    facility fee at FQHC?

    The split out to Medicare Part B services go on a HCFA 1500. Yes to the rendering provider NPI. Carla
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    FQHC Billing G0101

    G0101 Medicare Requirements G0101 is reimbursed by Medicare every two years, unless the patient is considered high risk. I have attached the MLN Matters for these services in a FQHC setting...
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    facility fee at FQHC?

    Laura, X-ray, EKG, PFT are split billed per Medicare Guidelines in FQHC world. If a patient comes into your office for a visit and you perform a chest x-ray the technical part of the x-ray is billed to the local Part B and the professional part is rolled into the G code for the FQHC visit...
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    Billing Two Visits From Same Date to Medicare (FQHC)

    FQHC PPS rates Robert, The above should help with your dilemma. From FAQ...
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    Medicare Contract 855R

    Yes Yes you can hold those claims, but Medicare may not retro the start date on the date you saw your first patient. You can file the claims according to Medicare Timely Filing which is 365 days from the date of service. Hope this helps.:cool: Carla Townsend, CPC, CPPM, CPB, CH-CBS FQHC...
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    FQHC Billing Have you checked out this document from CMS? Hope it helps Carla :cool:
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    Correct coding/billing of a CDL physical

    I do know that you have to upload the CDL physical into the FMC site. I don't know what state you are in but the below link may help. Hope...