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    I would not code Z86.010 for hyperplastic polyps because they are not considered neoplasms. Z86.010 is for personal history of benign neoplasm. I would code Z12.11 instead.
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    Positive Feccal Occult test and pre-screening visit

    I agree with Sonja. The FOBT was the screening, which has already been billed as such. If you try to bill a screening, you should get a denial. Once the patient has a positive finding, he/she is no longer asymptomatic and the colonoscopy is diagnostic. Yes, you can bill the office visit, but not...
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    EGD and pathology results

    Yes you may
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    Question Follow-up Colonoscopy

    This will be a surveillance colonoscopy, but not screening. I would code the polyp that he is following up on as the diagnosis and 45378 or other appropriate CPT code if additional polyps are found. No modifiers since it is not a screening. You can also use Z09-encounter for follow up exam after...
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    Question What documentation do you code from for TC component of abdominal ultrasound?

    I am wondering what documentation does everyone code from when coding abdominal ultrasounds:76700, 76705? We perform the technical component in our office. Do you use the images to verify whether or not it was complete or partial US, or do you code based on the interpretation report, or simply...
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    UHC Consultation Policy

    Thanks for this. I have read this before, but it is not entirely clear. Do you know if this statement means to bill 99222 for hospital visits? "When services are rendered at the request of another physician or appropriate source, care providers should submit an appropriate E/M service in...
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    UHC Consultation Policy

    Now that UHC is no longer accepting consult codes, does anyone know what codes UHC wants you to bill for patients seen in the hospital setting? For example, should you follow CMS and report 99222 for the first time a patient is seen in the hospital setting, or would they require 99232 instead?
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    Aetna E&M Policy

    If your office is part of a larger network, then they will deny based on the same tax id regardless of different specialty.
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    Elevated Bilirubin

    I use R17 since the book leads you to that under elevated liver function test, bilirubin. I've heard guidance to use R74.9 for this, but I don't feel comfortable doing that since the book does not guide you to this code.
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    Doc Requirements for billing -TC Abdominal US 76700 in Office

    We are a specialist office and bill for the techincal component of abdominal ultrasounds in the office. What documentation do you use to support the billing for the technical component of 76700?Does the non-interpreting provider need to sign the images? Would the ordering diagnosis be present on...
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    Colonoscopy with electrocauter

    I agree with 45388
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    Chronic diarrhea

    I am glad you posted this question here, as I would not have seen it under another topic. To answer your question, I would code chronic diarrhea as K52.9 since the book leads you to that code under "diarrhea, chronic"
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    Endoscopic Placement/Advancement of Capsules

    According to CMS NCCI, the 2 are not billable unless "the EGD is a medically necessary and complete diagnostic procedure." They also say EGD cannot be billed just to place the M2A. It seems like your scenario may fall under placement of the m2a. Perhaps if the EGD was for dysphagia and...
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    Problems with Category K ICD-10 codes

    No, I have not seen that. I would send the payer a photo copy of the K section of the ICD-10 book showing these are valid codes. If your book is marked up like mine, you can print from the cdc's website. They have an electronic copy of the book...
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    Technology-based service G2012: What POS should you use?

    Does anyone know what place of service you should use when billing G2012 (Brief communication technology-based service, e.g.virtual check in)?