• Hi Claudia ... you asked about Multiple Surgery Reduction vs Mod 59. No, I don't have anything in writing. It just makes sense. You aren't performing double the pre- and post-operative care so you should expect some reduction for the additional procedures performed in the same operative session. Sorry I don't have anything more concrete for you. Tessa
    This is Tammy Benson. I sat next to you at the Madison AAPC chapter meeting this week. Where can I find information on "Coding Clinic"? the internet is too broad when I put that in the search engine.
    262-255-2500 x4350
    Hello Claudia, I am writing to you again because i did not get a response from you in October. I was told you have good advice for the practical of certification exam. please contact me at 608-752-3094 or or by email kelly.q@sbcglobal.net
    Hello Claudia, my name is Kelly Quinn, I am new to AAPC and I have a question that I hope you can help me with.
    I did not pass my first go around with my certification test. I am struggling to study and I am not accomplishing 150 questions in 51/2 hours. I am having trouble remembering what each code is by the time looking thru all the codes to choose an answer. I am slow at the choosing and reading. From what I can determine to finish the test on time, I need to only take 2 minutes per question to complete all 150 questions. Please advise. Thank you for your time. Kelly Quinn. email address kelly.q@sbcglobal.net
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