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    Refresher Materials

    Does anyone know of any good refresher/training books. I am still a certified coder however I want to brush up on my skills and I'm looking for some training material I can train from home with. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    I am reviewing a chart and it has the abbreviation of "FROM". I think this means Frontal Range of Motion. Can anyone tell me if this is corrcet?
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    CPC Seeking remote part time job

    My name is Carol Wilson. I have seven years experience in Coding and billing for a Skilled Nursing Facility in maryland. I am currently employed full time but looking for a remote, part time job, evenings and weekends. Please contact me at for a resume.
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    Coding for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

    What is the name of the book by Carol Buck this information is in?
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    Coding for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

    I'm not looking for anything in particular. I have been doing billing and coding for a nursing facility for 4 years and have been full time for the past year and a half. I am taking classes to become CPC certifide. I am taking the test June 28th. I have seen alot of things for coding for...
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    Coding for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

    Does anyone know if there is any documentation out there specifically for Coding in a Skilled Nursing Facility?
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    Modifiers for CPT code additional codes

    Scenario Split graft 3%, left leg, infant CPT codes are 15100 and 15101 X 2. Would the LT modifier go on code 15100, 15101 or both?
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    Modifiers for CPT code additional codes

    Modifiers for CPT code additioinal codes I am a current student for Medical billing and coding and a question came up in class the other night that I was asked to research for a definitive answer. I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me out. The question is if you have a CPT...