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    CPC Exam Scores - Does anyone know what percentage is needed

    You need at least a 70% average of all 3 sections combined. It used to be 70% in each section to pass, however the scoring changed in 2009 to total combined average.
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    Need help w/icd-9 for catamenial epilepsy

    thank you so much!
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    Need help w/icd-9 for catamenial epilepsy

    thank you It makes me feel better as that was all I could find also. Maybe in the ICD-10 we will have a specialized code for that.
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    Need help w/icd-9 for catamenial epilepsy

    medicare patient going in for TVH/BSO and the dx is catamenial epilepsy. Having trouble finding the dx codes.:confused:
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    Need icd-9 for catamenial epilepsy, medicare patient. Thank you!

    Need icd-9 for catamenial epilepsy, medicare patient. Thank you!
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    V76.51 Colonoscopy Screen/Anesthesia

    V76.51 with Medicare always needs cpt G0121. You will find this code in the HCPCS code book. Medicare never pays V76.51 with 45378.
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    New or Established Patient.

    I believe so, as 4 months later is past the post op period, plus this is actually a new surgery as it is the second stage.
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    MAC for Colonscopies

    i code for colon/medicare all the time,what is the question?
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    Wiki Help with Diagnosis Code for Ovarian Cyst

    i would agree with you,620.2. if you can find the lab results/dx, this will be exact.
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    Need Help Finding a ICD9 code

    there is no specific code for this. look for the underlying cause such as some kind of gastrointestinal complication.
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    billing closure of benign lession

    answer is in the cpt code book under excision-benign lesions: repair by intermediate or complex closure should be reported separately. you are correct.
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    Question reg. G0101

    Actually the acceptable way to code this is: G0101 (ONLY) W/ DX V76.17 (FIRST), 626.4(SECOND). MEDICARE IS RIGHT IN THE INSIDENTAL.
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    Dx for colonoscopies

    If anything other than a screening is done, you must code the dx from lab, bx or polypectomy result. Screening is only for no findings.
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    Billing for EGD and Colonoscopy

    Depends on the dx The dx needs to be what the Op notes say by the Dr. Sometimes a person has Anemia or GI bleeding, that works for both IF the Dr says that is what it is. However, if a person has a bx from the upper GI and the lab confirms 530.10(esophagitis) and the Dr bx's the colon and lab...