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    New patient changed to establish

    If we have a edit set up that all new patients codes picked by the provider are to be checked to make sure they are truly new since we bill as a group. As a certified coder can we change the coder to the appropriate est level or does this need to go back to the provider? Where can I find...
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    Coding Class

    Thank you! I am looking for something to help with coding the procedures more.
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    Coding Class

    What is the best online coding class or course for Orthopedics?
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    endoscopic surgical dissection (esd)

    Looking for a cpt code for endoscopic surgical dissection (esd)?
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    Thank you!
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    Question my provider feels that a 20610 is same as a lumbar puncture on the table of risk? Thoughts. Patent has DJd of the knee.
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    Codex software

    Thank you! So if they follow the NCCI edits if the codes are truly not meant to be billed together than there is no way around it correct? My provider is trying to tell me that we need the software and that I can bill even though there is a NCCI edit.
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    Codex software

    Does anyone use Codex Software? My provider was telling me about it and he says that (the software states he can use codes together which are normally bundle?)
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    See they are not. She thinks she review what the ED provider/Rad since the ED provider order the CT report then she does her own visualization and documents in the chart her findings. So she thinks this is 3 points.
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    New patient with workup

    Work up If the patient is going to Surgery in 24 to 48 hours count for Additional work up?
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    Thank you! Question would be this provider didn't order the CT she reviewed the one performed in the ED. So her thought: 1 point for order/review of rad 2 points for independently visualization which she documents her finding For a total of 3 points on the same CT?
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    Hi, I have a question. I have a provider who saying she should get points in the amount of data for order and reviewing a ct and also points for independently visualization of an imagine when she read the CT scans and interrupts it in the chart. Is this double dipping and where can I find the...
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    psych eval for bariatric patients

    What icd 10 code would you use for psych eval for bariatric patients?
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    26608 and wound closure

    Can you code 26608 with 13131? Or should it be 12045? Operative note: On 07/14/2017 patient was seen in the emergency department taken back to the operating room to the preoperative area where the operative extremity was identified and marked. Subsequently the patient was taken back to the...
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    If a provider performs a THR on the left side and a month later does a THR on the right does this effect reimbursement?