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    Telemedicine CPT 93228 93229

    Thank you!! We had confusion here because these codes are listed under the telemedicine section of the CPT book:confused:
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    Clinical Trial ID# 33340

    Does anyone have Clinical Trial ID# for CPT 33340? We were given NCT02699957 and this is being denied. ANy help would be appreciated . Thank YOu
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    Telemedicine CPT 93228 93229

    CPT lists 93228, 93229, (MCOT) 93298, 93299 (remote loop) as Telemedicine with POS 02. I am receiving denials stating these CPT's are not Telehealth services. Has anyone had this issue ? Do you bill these CPT's as ) Telemedicine?:confused: Thank YOu
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    Device checks using X modifier

    Hello we are doing office visit, ekg and device check in office . We have been billing Office visit with 25 modifier , EKG on one encounter. On a separate encounter we bill the device check with a 59 modifier. I am receiving denials for bundling. Has anyone tried the XP, XU, XE modifiers...
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    Cardiopulmonary stress test

    Hello All Our cardiologist have recently been reading the Cardiopulmonary V02 part of a cardiopulmonary stress test. Pulmonary is billing 94621. This looks like it includes interpretation . Anyone know if we can interpret this portion seperatly and what CPT we can use. TY
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    Hello, Anyone out there know of HCPC code for Flecainide and Sotalol. I am only finding J3490 Thank you
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    E&m 2013

    Sorry I was referring to Incident 2 guidelines. Can we now use a NPP or PA as rendering for a new patient ?
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    E&m 2013

    Hello, Had a question since the wording of the 2013 E&M has changed to "physicians and other qualified health care professionals " Would we still have to bill I2 if a NP see's patient?
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    EKG for Clearance???

    My cardiologists are doing sports clearances and want to bill just the EKG to the ins company. Has anyone come across this issue. How do you reccomend coding. My doc's do not perform an E&M..should they? Thank you
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    CATH/EKG..payment denials??

    Thanks Cyndi..That is a good idea.. I am glad that we are not the only ones having these crazy issues
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    CATH/EKG..payment denials??

    Hello, I am sure there has to be others out there. Problem is we have so many different systems that claims are being denied for modifiers. For example we do a cath or EP procedure and ekg same day. 1 system sends over EKG..another sends over Cath or EP..The EKG is paid and procedure is...
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    Extensive lysis of adhesions, pericardial cavity with CABG

    I would go with the 22 modifier.. Esp since he documents the 1 hour .. I have do it before and they ask for notes but it gets paid 90% of time
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    Mitral Valve debridement

    Looking for CPT to use for Mitral valve debridement... Operative report says. Atrium was opened . There was fibrinous exudate seen on mitral valve that was sent for culture. There was eroded area at base of mitral valve that could not be taken but for the most part everything was debrided...
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    COnfused well visit w problem

    Hello, I am very confused on coding a well visit w/ a problem. For example: pt comes in for 7 year physical doc hits all preventative issues, exam,counseling etc. On same note in exam says head itch. Assesment and plan says WELL but also doc gave script for lice. Do I do 99393 & E&M...
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    Help coding CABG? 33533/33518

    Dr states CABG X3.. I am only seeing 33533 & 33517 b/c of same vein.. Can anyone dissect this Op note for me an point out where the 3is coming from-- much thanks ALso when a vein is in sequential fashion it only counts as 1 correct? Right saphenous vain was harvested endoscopically...