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  • Hello! I need some help for a friend since I gave up on it!!! She has 3 of 11306 all with 59 mods and medicare paid 2 but said the 3rd needed another modifier added to the 59....what could that possibly be? the E&M w/25 mod was paid also. Thanks ahead! J.
    A new asc is opening close by, some doctors are leaving us or at least 60 % of their cases each, going to new surgery center , they are suppose to get more money out of it since its a out of network ASC. I dont think that a good idea since we dont know what the healh care system is going to be. They offer me a job but I turn it down, was front office , verifying insurance, Iam a coder, i want a coder pay , could not offer that. Anyway I stick around till something better comes alone. Take care
    hEY COderguy,
    Sorry Idid not get back with you, Email down, computer down, anyway yes I code for asc in nEW ORLEANS
    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP THE OTHER DAYI I think I GOT IT NOW on cyst and lesions.If path reports comes back as 706.2 as an epidermal cyst most of the time it will be an 14000 code, if it was a lesion then it depends on the depth. AM I RUNNING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION
    thank you , please look under general surgery forums and my question is about the 3 or 4th one under 21555, please see what u think thanks
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