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    breast cancer coding

    Female patient was diagnosed with a RUO quadrant breast cancer (C50.411) who received chemo-radiation. A year later she was diagnosed with breast cancer on the left central breast. Will the left central breast cancer be coded also as primary c50.112 or C79.81? If the documentation stated...
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    IGRT bundling with SRS and SBRS treatment.

    I am new to Radiation Oncology coding and having trouble reconciling literatures from ASTRO and the CPT manual, even NCCI edits. According to ASTRO CPT 77387 IGRT is included in the SRS and SBRS treatment, yet the CPT manual states that the 77387 Professional Component is not bundled into SBRS...
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    92100 is for serial tonometry... your documentation should reveal if 8 and 10 are measurements for both eyes done two times in the same day ...or... 8 for OD and 10 for OS which does not constitute a "series" of testing. if 8 & 10 is just for 1 set of test then you just roll it to the E&M...
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    Confusion on ICD-9 for confusion

    Ams :confused: I use 78097, altered mental status. Dx 78097 was added in the ICD-9 2007. I am not quite sure if I remember this right but if you have access on the "ED Coding Alert" publication archives, an article stated to use 78097 for confusion not related to psychosis.
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    E\M with Surgical Procedures

    The fact that the stage I ulcer was not mentioned in Chief Complaint nor in the Exam would raise a flag for me if this procedure was intended for the patient - could be human error on the part of the physician. I would request a clarification why this procedure was performed in the absence...