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  • We have filled the current position in our office but there is a coding position open in Medical Records. You can go to the CMC website and fill out an application. If you have a resume, you can mail it to me and I can forward it to the director of that department. Just so you are aware, it is not a remote position. We are currently not set up for remote positions but it is something that we are working towards in the future but is is still a few years away.

    My email is rebecca.almquist@cmchealthsys.org

    The website is cmchealthsys.org
    At the time with Physician billing we don't but that doesn't mean that down the road we won't. We have been expanding the services and in turn will need to expand the department. The hospital itself might have openings. Sean Mc Andrew is the person in charge of the Medical Records department and they handle inpatient coding.

    If you want you can submit your resume and I can keep it on file in my office in case we have an opening in the future. My work email is rebecca.almquist@cmchealthsys.org
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